WAKA Kickball & Social Sports (kickball.com) is now CLUBWAKA. Stay tuned for our new CLUBWAKA.com website later this year.

About Us

What started in 1998 as the World Adult Kickball Association, has exploded across the nation as WAKA Kickball & Social Sports, the country’s premier provider of adult sports leagues, social activities, and events.

In everything we do, we believe in having fun. Life should be fun, and people should be happy. Our goal is to create 100 million smiles and our mission is to deliver the best fun and life-changing happiness. We do this by operating fantastic league, event, and party experiences. WAKA is about best parties, best games, and best friends.

WAKA’s Founders

The WAKA story goes a little something like this... In 1998, a group of friends, Johnny LeHane, David Lowry, and Jimmy Walicek, gathered in a bar in Washington, DC. As young professionals, they were missing the social clubs and easy ways of meeting people that they had experienced in college. So they did the most logical thing - they got their friends together for a kickball game.

Today, WAKA offers leagues in 35 states and organizes events all around the country. To ensure we stay close to the mission and constantly create fun and memorable experiences, WAKA’s founders have carved out 4 core values that guide everything we do.

To learn more about our Founders and their background, we welcome you to reach out and connect with Johnny, David, and Jimmy via linked in.

WAKA’s Core Values

Live Fun - This is our “why.” Everything we do, we believe in having fun. Life should be fun, and people should be happy.

Do the Right Thing - We make our best decisions when following this principle. This includes being positive and delivering the best, being fair, fostering a safe environment, and respecting our staff, members, partners, and each other.

Family First - We believe in the strength of family, however defined, and will best accommodate and schedule time off needed during an employee's family needs.

Strength in Community - By creating and providing real-life social opportunities for people we are a positive part of every community in which we operate. We strengthen and better our communities by supporting and working with community members, businesses, and charities. Partnering with us is a positive experience.

WAKA’s Employees

WAKA employees are a passionate group and we love what we do. We work tirelessly to create fun, happy moments for our players and customers, and when we are done, we play kickball with our kids or spend quality time with family and friends.

In addition to our unusual product and genuine core values, we also believe the way we work is a uniquely awesome experience. Our employees all work from home, almost all of the time. While this lifestyle comes with its own challenges, we believe it is the best way to balance a fun work and personal life.

If working for WAKA is something you may be interested in, click here to see what opportunities are available.