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July 30, 2015

This summer, we’ve seen countless pictures of WAKA players and their travels and adventures on and off the field - which is exactly what summer is all about! Below is a collection of our favorites from July. Check them out! 

1.  "Sporty Malificent" made an appearance at the kickball field! via

2. Bringing kickball to Hawaii! via @ianwakakickball

3. Do it for the W! via @_sharonn

4. TX Republic League Champs! via @joncasanova

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July 29, 2015

The kickball team ‘Boston Social Club’ played their very first game together at WAKApalooza Weekend 2014. The players were from different WAKA leagues around Boston, and joined up to travel to Las Vegas for the WAKApalooza Fun Games.
The group was a mix of veteran and new kickball players - some with more than ten years of experience, and others with just a few seasons under their belts. They didn’t have a team name, but that really didn’t matter. They were going to Las Vegas with 3,000 other kickball players for four days of parties and tournaments.

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July 27, 2015

According to our kickball experts, WAKA players have 42% more fun in the summer than anyone else. To make sure you and your teammates get the most out of the summer, don’t miss these upcoming WAKA kickball leagues and events: 

HI Ohana League in Honolulu, HI
It’s WAKA’s first league in the state of Hawaii and it starts on August 6th!
CA Pacific Kickball Tournament in San Jose, CA

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July 24, 2015

You can tell a lot about someone’s personality by the way they kick a ball. Here are 6 of the archetypal kicking styles that we see at WAKA Kickball games– which one are you most like?

1. Power leg: You're confident and self assured and kick the first ball thrown at you as hard as you can. It doesn't matter what the pitch looks like, you believe in yourself and can do what it takes to get the ball out of the infield. 

July 17, 2015

To celebrate World Emoji Day, we have new WAKA Kickball & Social Sport emojis! These hilarious textable gifs were created by our friends at Mogee and work as text, iMessages, Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger. 

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July 10, 2015

For your viewing pleasure, here are 9 of the funniest Instagram photos that WAKA Kickball players shared this week. 

1. Watch out now! 

2. All hail the trophy holder

3. Is that a unicorn?

4.  "Anything but clothes" theme week in Seattle

5. Kickball team monument

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July 8, 2015

WAKApalooza Weekend is coming and its always a festival of color, kickball, and creative WAKA party people! Every year, WAKA players raise the bar on costumes, party props, and team accessories. In 2014, there was a HUGE homemade pirate ship at the field, a full circus, and a rowdy marathon game of Slip and Flip. 

Whether you plan to get yourself to Las Vegas for the whole weekend or to follow the action from home with hashtag #WAKAVegas - here's a primer of what you can expect to see:

1. You will see some of the best, most competitive, error free kickball games that you've ever seen at the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship.

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July 3, 2015

Last week, WAKA Kickball & Social Sports received a ton of awesome entries from around WAKA nation for the Handshakes, High Fives, and Fist Bumps Instagram Photo Contest. With creative chest bumps, puppy high fives, and lots of team cheers, we got an inside look at how WAKA players celebrate victories on and off the field. Thank you all for entering the contest sharing with us! See the top photo winners from the contest here: 

1. The only thing better than a fist bump is a chest bump! via @etbabe33

2. Cheers! via @rbarr720

3. Even our puppies get excited on the field! via @dukecitykrackheads

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July 2, 2015

Need inspiration for summer fun? We asked WAKA players to share their plans for summer adventures and favorite summer activities. Check out this list and see how many you can cross out before Labor Day:

·       Go to an outdoor concert
·       Sleep on the beach 
·       Pick strawberries, blueberries, (any berry!)
·       Watch a movie outside
·       Dive in at the sand volleyball pits
·       Have a sleepover with your kickball team

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July 1, 2015

Close-ups on big kicks. Overheads on field parties. Drones are capturing the action at kickball fields all over the country! Check out a few of our favorite drone photos: 

WAKA Kickball league playoffs in New Orleans.

The whole CA Central League is here!

Spring kickball games in Portland, Maine.

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