Salt Lake City kickball leagues

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 - 08:46

Salt Lake City kickball leagues

The Salt Lake Denizen blog put together a very nice post on WAKA's UT Capital kickball league recently. Their write-up includes some great pictures and says:

"I had heard rumors about this kickball thing happening at Liberty Park on Thursday nights, but didn’t really know what it was all about.  I figured a few people got together to kick a ball around.  I was pretty close, except that a few turned out to be over a hundred...It was really cool to see all of these grown-ups enjoying the game, the weather, and the company of their friends."

Here's your chance to join two other leagues in Salt Lake City that are currently open for registration:

UT Summit – Summer 2011 Kickball League
Season starts July 17th – Sunday Afternoons @ Ben Franklin Park
Register now - Still accepting teams, partial friend groups and individuals

UT Mountain – Fall 2011 Kickball League
Season starts July 27th  – Wednesday Nights @ Cottonwood Regional Park
Register now - still accepting teams, partial friend groups and individuals

Register for either league right away -- they won't be open much longer with games starting up very soon. If you have any questions about any leagues in Salt Lake City, please email Ken, our customer service manager for the region.

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