WAKA Foam Dodgeball

You gotta grab live by the...

When you play foam dodgeball with WAKA your understanding of the the game will change forever - the experience is best described as a party on a dodgeball court. 20 players on each side - everybody dodging, ducking, dipping, and diving - and an after-game trip to the local watering hole with the entire league. WAKA operates official SOFDA Foam Dodgeball games with SOFDA official foam dodgeballs which will put to rest any stinging memories of dodgeball from your youth.

Our Foam Dodgeball games are formatted to allow you to play as many elimination rounds as possible within 45 minutes, and results in the best, most fun full-body exercise you can get anywhere.

If you have any questions about Foam Dodgeball with WAKA, please contact your WAKA Foam Dodgeball community coordinator through your local Foam Dodgeball league page.

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Leagues currently in progress

Starts Location League
Jun 17 West Hollywood, CA CA Sunset Dodgeball - Summer 2014 View League
May 21 New Orleans, LA LA Dodgeball - Summer 2014 View League

Rules of the Game

WAKA uses the National Amateur Dodgeball Association rules in all of its dodgeball leagues, with slight amendments. Need to brush up on the rules? Check them out here!


Official Rules
of the Game 2014