OK Lightning - Fall 2016 Schedule

Saturday, November 19th, 2016Download: Week | Season

Playoff Match A2


Ref: Schweddy Ballz

Playoff Match A6

Cosmic Balls1Final
Pitches Be Trippin'6

Ref: Dead Horses

Playoff Match A4

Kickin Balls and Takin Names1

Ref: Looking 2 Score

Playoff Match A8

Kickelob Ultra7Final
Deez Ballz0

Ref: Raw Doggin Randoms

Playoff Match B1

Duck Duck Goose6Final

Ref: Loser of A8

Playoff Match B3

Dead Horses 6Final
Pitches Be Trippin'1

Ref: Loser of A2

Playoff Match B4

Looking 2 Score3Final
Kickelob Ultra0

Ref: Loser of A6

Playoff Match A3

Raw Doggin Randoms2Final
Schweddy Ballz1

Ref: Loser of A4

Playoff Match C2

Dead Horses 2Final
Looking 2 Score8

Ref: Loser of B1

Playoff Match B2

Raw Doggin Randoms6

Ref: Loser of B4

Playoff Match C1

Duck Duck Goose10Final
Raw Doggin Randoms0

Ref: Loser of C2

Playoff Match D1

Looking 2 Score1Final
Duck Duck Goose2

Ref: Hodgepodge Refs

Teams not scheduled to play: Ball Me Maybe, Don't call it a come back, Kicking and Screaming, Oilfield Trash - Except We Play Kickball Now., Weird & Regrettable, What She Said
Teams with double header: Dead Horses , Duck Duck Goose, FIREBALLERz, Kickelob Ultra, Looking 2 Score, Pitches Be Trippin', Raw Doggin Randoms, Sloshballers