FL Grove - Fall 2017 Schedule

Saturday, December 16th, 2017Download: Week | Season

Playoff Match A10

BLUE Balls5Final
Red balls give you wings1

Ref: Adrian + I'd Kick That

Playoff Match A2

The Kickumbas0

Ref: Mitch + Kickin and Screamin

Playoff Match A14

Just Kickin It4Final
Cervera Brickell Ballers7

Ref: Matt + Ballz Deep

Playoff Match B4

Basic Pitches0Final

Ref: N/A

Playoff Match B3

Kickin and Screamin5Final
I'd Kick That4

Ref: Matt + Loser of A10

Playoff Match B2

Loose Cannons5Final
Freeballers 0

Ref: N/A

Playoff Match B8

Pitch Don't Kill My Vibe5Final
Ballz Deep2

Ref: Sal + Loser of A14

Playoff Match B5

Boats & Hoe$5Final
BLUE Balls0

Ref: Dre + Kickslap

Playoff Match B6

Your Pitch Makes My Kick Hard3Final
We Got the Magic Kick6

Ref: Mitch + Loser of B3

Playoff Match B1

Cant Believe Its Not Butter16Final

Ref: Adrian + Loose Cannons

Playoff Match B7

Kicking Pelotas Mas Grandes9Final
Cervera Brickell Ballers2

Ref: Brent + Loser of B8

Playoff Match C3

Boats & Hoe$11Final
We Got the Magic Kick1

Ref: Alex or Kristin + Loser of B5

Playoff Match C2

Kickin and Screamin7

Ref: Dre or Mitch + Loser of B6

Playoff Match C1

Loose Cannons2Final
Cant Believe Its Not Butter5

Ref: + Loser of B1

Playoff Match C4

Pitch Don't Kill My Vibe5Final
Kicking Pelotas Mas Grandes4

Ref: + Loser of B7

Playoff Match D2

Boats & Hoe$4Final
Pitch Don't Kill My Vibe3

Ref: Alex or Sal + Loser of C1

Playoff Match D1

Kickin and Screamin0Final
Cant Believe Its Not Butter7

Ref: Dre or Mitch + Loser of C3

Playoff Match E1

Boats & Hoe$4Final
Cant Believe Its Not Butter11

Ref: All Head Refs Available

Teams not scheduled to play: None
Teams with double header: BLUE Balls, Boats & Hoe$, Cant Believe Its Not Butter, Cervera Brickell Ballers, F.K.B., Kickin and Screamin, Kicking Pelotas Mas Grandes, Kickslap, Loose Cannons, Pitch Don't Kill My Vibe, We Got the Magic Kick