LA Freedom - Fall 2017 Schedule

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017Download: Week | Season

Playoff Match A2

Kick-A-Ball Tribe2Final
Red Thots1

Ref: Jim

Playoff Match A4

Game Of Throws5Final
WAKA Flaka Flames0

Ref: Scratch

Playoff Match A3

Kick for America 8Final
The Cork Soakers2

Ref: Erin

Playoff Match B1

We Score More5Final
Kick-A-Ball Tribe0

Ref: Jim

Playoff Match B2

Game Of Throws0Final
Kick for America 3

Ref: Scratch

Playoff Match C1

We Score More2Final
Kick for America 4

Ref: Jim and Scratch

Teams not scheduled to play: Slimeballs, Wshhhhh
Teams with double header: Game Of Throws, Kick for America , Kick-A-Ball Tribe, We Score More