FL Central - Fall 2017 Schedule

Saturday, November 18th, 2017Download: Week | Season
Tournament 10-4 pm w/ DJ

Playoff Match A2

Catch Me Inside 8Final
The One Kick Wonders 2

Ref: Go Sports

Playoff Match A6

Average at Best0

Ref: Ballz

Playoff Match A10

Deez Ballz1Final

Ref: Facts

Playoff Match A14

Pitch Better Have My Money8Final
Pitches be Crazy1

Ref: Fresh

Playoff Match B1

Catch Me Inside 0

Ref: Loser of field 2 10 am

Playoff Match B2

Ballz Deep5Final
Netkicks and Chill4

Ref: Loser of field 1 10 am

Playoff Match B3

Ballternative Facts1Final

Ref: Loser of field 5 10 am

Playoff Match B4

Fresh Kicks of Ball Air2Final
Bootleg Beauties1

Ref: Loser of field 4 10 am

Playoff Match B5

Burning Sensations9Final
Deez Ballz0

Ref: Loser of field 2 11 am

Playoff Match B6

Kick in a Box11Final
Faces Loaded5

Ref: Loser of field 1 11 am

Playoff Match B7

All My Pitches Lovely2Final
Pitch Better Have My Money7

Ref: Loser of field 5 11 am

Playoff Match B8

Finish on their Base10Final
Sit On My Base0

Ref: Loser of field 4 11 am

Playoff Match C1

Ballz Deep3

Ref: Loser of field 2 12 pm

Playoff Match C2

Ballternative Facts0Final
Fresh Kicks of Ball Air1

Ref: Loser of field 1 12 pm

Playoff Match C3

Burning Sensations8Final
Kick in a Box2

Ref: Loser of field 5 12 pm

Playoff Match C4

Finish on their Base5Final
Pitch Better Have My Money0

Ref: Loser of field 4 12 pm

Playoff Match D1

Fresh Kicks of Ball Air0

Ref: Loser of field 5 1 pm

Playoff Match D2

Burning Sensations1Final
Finish on their Base2

Ref: Loser of field 4 1 pm

Playoff Match E1

Finish on their Base1

Ref: Loser of fields 4 & 5 2 pm

Teams not scheduled to play: None
Teams with double header: Ballternative Facts, Ballz Deep, Burning Sensations, Catch Me Inside , Deez Ballz, Finish on their Base, FireballZ, Fresh Kicks of Ball Air, GO SPORTS!, Kick in a Box, Pitch Better Have My Money