CT Hartford Indoor Volleyball Tues - Fall 2017 Schedule

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Week 5
Block Busters6:30 pm
Maverick and The GeeseCourt 1 (bar)

Ref: Campfires and Pancakes

Dinkability6:30 pm
Volleyball is Just Intense Hot PotatoCourt 2


How much for Sets7:30 pm
BUST UR BALLSCourt 1 (bar)

Ref: Block Busters

Kiss My Ace7:30 pm
Campfires and PancakesCourt 2

Ref: Volleyball is Intense Hot Potato

No Dig'gity 8:30 pm
Accounting CrowsCourt 1 (bar)

Ref: How Much for Sets

Pupplo's Angels IV: Angels Get Their Wings8:30 pm
Smack Down!Court 2

Ref: Kiss My Ace

last plAce9:30 pm
WE SET HIGHCourt 1 (bar)

Ref: Accounting Crows

Tater Chips 9:30 pm
Locks and Friends Court 2

Ref: Pupplo's Angles IV

Teams not scheduled to play: None
Teams with double header: None