CT Hartford Sand Volleyball Monday - Summer 2018 Schedule

Monday, July 23rd, 2018Download: Week | Season
Wobble Down 6:30 pm
I like Rough SetsCourt 1

Ref: A Little Bump n' Grind

Volley Llamas6:30 pm
We Hit it HardCourt 2

Ref: Beaches & Hose

Balls Deep6:30 pm
FreeballersCourt 3

Ref: Top Gun

Kinky Sets 6:30 pm
Full ThrottleCourt 4

Ref: Practice Safe Sets

*TBD*7:30 pm
Beaches & HoseCourt 1

Ref: I like Rough Sets

Bumpin Uglies7:30 pm
A Little Bump n' GrindCourt 2

Ref: Volley Llamas

UTAS Set Me Up7:30 pm
Practice Safe SetsCourt 3

Ref: Balls Deep

No Dig’gity7:30 pm
Top GunCourt 4

Ref: Kinky Sets

How I Set Your Mother8:30 pm
Take a HitCourt 1

Ref: *TBD*

I'm Diggin YouCourt 2

Ref: Bumpin Uglies

Chewblocka8:30 pm
Duck For Cover!Court 3

Ref: UTAS Set Me Up

Block You Like A Hurricane8:30 pm
BlockbustersCourt 4

Ref: No Dig’gity

Teams not scheduled to play: None
Teams with double header: None