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CLUBWAKA Happenings: South Florida Indoor Kickball Tournament

We’re teaming up with the Miami Dolphins this month to offer the CLUBWAKA South Florida Indoor Kickball Tournament in Miami! Team and player registration is now open and the tournament will take place on Saturday, September 30th.

The South Florida Kickball Tournament offers teams the chance to play kickball in “The Bubble” - the Miami Dolphin’s indoor practice facility. The tournament also features a welcome party for all participating teams on Friday, September 29th, and a tournament after-party on Saturday after the games.

You’re Invited: Rehab Pool Party at WAKAPALOOZA

Heading to Las Vegas this fall? We’ll meet you there! CLUBWAKA is hosting WAKAPALOOZA, the largest sports and social festival in the world, in Las Vegas from October 4th - 11th. Tournament registration and party wristbands are available now! 

Celebrate with us at the WAKAPALOOZA Rehab Pool Party on Sunday, October 8th! Imagine the magic of a Vegas pool party with live music, DJs, copious amounts of your favorite beverages, and thousands of new CLUBWAKA friends and connections - don't miss it!

Check out the full WAKApalooza schedule and join us in Las Vegas!

See Photos from CLUBWAKA’s #FunnerSummer

We’ve played and partied all over the nation the past few months, and we're wrapping up the summer on a high note. Check out some of our favorite #funnersummer photos that our CLUBWAKA friends shared on Instagram this month, and get inspired to #befunner this Labor Day weekend! 





WAKAPALOOZA Fun Games 2017: Best Charity Heroes Award

The WAKAPALOOZA Fun Games is one of CLUBWAKA’s most beloved annual vacation events held in Las Vegas, Nevada each October. The event features a round robin kickball game series with coed teams from around the country, parties at the field, and chances win awesome prizes.

In 2017, CLUBWAKA is teaming up with Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation to offer the Best Charity Heroes Award, giving teams registered in the WAKAPALOOZA Fun Games the chance to get involved and host their own lemonade stands or creative fundraising events for childhood cancer research. 

How it works: 

CLUBWAKA Happenings: Special Olympics New Mexico Kickball Game Recap

Thanks to all our CLUBWAKA friends in Albuquerque who came out to play kickball this weekend with athletes from the Special Olympics New Mexico - such a fun day sharing our favorite game!

8 Free CLUBWAKA Events Happening This Week

It’s Monday again and while we may be a little grumbly about the new work week, these free CLUBWAKA games are making it a lot more bearable! 

CLUBWAKA is loaded with free events all week long, which means that aspiring adult social sports athletes across the nation have plenty of opportunities to jump in and enjoy a game. These events are open to anyone aged 21+, so feel free to bring your friends, family, and co-workers - the more the merrier!

Check out this week's schedule of free CLUBWAKA events and get ready to play away the summertime blues: 

WAKAPALOOZA Fun Games 2017: Best Team Flag Award

The closer we get to WAKAPALOOZA, the largest sports and social festival in the world, the more excited we are to see all our CLUBWAKA friends! In anticipation of the good times ahead, we’re shining the spotlight on each of the Kickball Fun Games Team Award categories and the teams that are coming to play in Las Vegas this October. 

The Kickball Fun Games at WAKAPALOOZA brings hundreds of CLUBWAKA’s most imaginative, fun loving, and adventurous members together to enjoy a round robin kickball game series, themed parties at the field, and chances win awesome team awards and prizes. 

5 Fun Reasons to Visit Las Vegas This Fall

An essential bucket list experience? Visiting Las Vegas. When should you plan a trip? Now.

WAKAPALOOZA Fun Games 2017: Best Team Theme/Costume Award

In anticipation of WAKAPALOOZA - the largest sports and social festival in the world, and the launch of the Kickball Fun Games Team Awards 2017, we’re shining the spotlight on each award category and the teams coming to pla

CLUBWAKA Happenings: Balls & Dolls Classic in Orange County Recap

It was so awesome to host the CLUBWAKA Balls & Dolls Classic in Orange County, California last weekend!

The Balls & Dolls Classic is our annual kickball battle for bragging rights on the west coast with two tournaments held back to back - an all-men kickball team tournament and an all-women kickball team tournament. Attendees enjoyed a great day of fun (14 hours of kickball games!!!) - with Smookey and the Bandits taking home the men’s tournament championship medals, and the SINS rising to the top of the women’s tournament. Congratulations to the winners! 

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