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Video of top kickball plays

We receive some great videos from WAKA Kickball players of triple plays, grand slams and other amazing feats...and we want even more!

We're going to start highlighting some of our favorite kickball plays here on the blog. So, have your cameras ready at the field, upload and tag your best videos as "WAKA Kickball" on YouTube and then email us a link as well.

We look forward to posting some great kickball videos here on the blog!

What will the Founders Cup Weekend 2011 T-shirt look like? You decide!

This year, we want the limited edition Founders Cup Weekend 2011 shirt to be designed by you, WAKA players. We’re not talking about a plain old logo tee, we're talking about a design idea so amazing that even your grandmother will want to wear it.

Dodgeball in Boston

For nearly 15 years, WAKA has been bringing the joy of kickball to thousands and thousands of adults. And during that time, many people have expressed an interest in playing even more sports with us. Those requests have not gone unheard and we have some exciting news to share!

WAKA will be offering dodgeball in select cities and registration is open for our very first WAKA Dodgeball league in Boston. The MA Southie Dodgeball league will play on Tuesday nights at the Boston Athletic Club. Teams will play eight regular season games and then all teams will participate in a single elimination tournament.

We are hosting a free pick-up game on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 and the season starts on Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

Foam Dodgeball

You gotta grab live by the...

When you play in a CLUBWAKA foam dodgeball league your understanding of the game will change forever - the experience is best described as a party on a dodgeball court. 20 players on each side - everybody dodging, ducking, dipping, and diving - and an after-game trip to the local watering hole with the entire league. CLUBWAKA operates official SOFDA Foam Dodgeball games with SOFDA official foam dodgeballs which will put to rest any stinging memories of dodgeball from your youth.

College roommates reunited through WAKA Kickball

A guest post from Christine in WAKA's TX Liberty kickball league:

"One reason I joined WAKA Kickball was to make new friends, but I never expected to be reunited with on old one.

Last week, despite our best efforts, the Bad Decision Bears lost another kickball game. Feeling a little defeated I was tempted just to go home but I decided to cheer up and go to the McKinney Avenue Tavern, the designated kickball bar hangout.

As we were about to go inside, I heard a girl scream “Stine?”, my nickname from college. I turned and saw somebody I never thought I would see there – my college roommate freshman year, Jessie.

Longest WAKA Kickball winning streak

Over on our Facebook page, we've started a thread to try and determine what the longest winning streak has been in the history of WAKA Kickball. Once we get all the results, we will update this blog post and list them here. Someone has also suggested in those comments on Facebook that we figure out the longest losing streak too, so please post those as well. Thank you for playing WAKA Kickball and for your passion for things like kickball stats!

Kickball team names

Last week, we asked our Facebook fans: "Who's signed up for a WAKA Kickball summer league? Tell us your team's name -- you people are always so creative!"

Responses started coming in fast! And over 100 people have commented on the Facebook post so far to let us know the name of their kickball team. Check it out if you haven't yet and add your WAKA Kickball team's name to the list.

If you aren't signed up yet for a summer team, there are still some leagues that are open for registration but YOU NEED TO ACT FAST! Use the "PLAY KICKBALL" widget on the right side menu of this blog to search for a kickball league near you by zip code.

Is that Tiger Woods playing WAKA Kickball?

Tiger Woods may not be playing in this weekend’s U.S. Open due to an injury, but he’s been spotted recently on the kickball fields in Phoenix, Arizona. Well, a guy that looks a lot like him has. Reggie Alcos (pictured here on the left) is a new WAKA Kickball player in the AZ Horizon league and he also works as a Woods impersonator known as The Tiger Double.

“I was called Tiger back in 1995 when no one knew who he was unless you played golf,” explains Reggie in an email. “A few of my fraternity brothers were on the college golf team so they nicknamed me 'Tiger’.”

WAKA's first franchise owner

Last week, WAKA awarded its first franchise to New Orleans native Sean Gaubert. Sean is a longtime WAKA Kickball player and had been working part-time for WAKA as a Customer Service Representative in New Orleans.

"I am honored to be the first WAKA Kickball franchise owner,” said Gaubert. “I chose to pursue a WAKA franchise because this is an endeavor I am truly passionate about. Being able to dedicate my full time to growing WAKA Kickball in my community will give even more people in New Orleans an opportunity to experience this great, social game and to have access to the best possible customer service out there."

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