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Summer kickball in DC

This summer in Washington, D.C., WAKA offers kickball every night, Monday through Friday! With some doubleheaders as part of your schedule, you will play eight games over the course of six weeks, so these leagues will not interfere with our spring or fall kickball seasons in DC. Team captains play for free thanks to our good friends at Kelly's Irish Times!

Monday Nights - DC Independence - Season starts July 18th
Tuesday Nights - DC Hill - Season starts July 12th
Wednesday Nights - DC Colonial - Season starts July 20th
Thursday Nights - DC Freedom - Season starts July 21st
Friday Nights - DC Action - Season starts July 15th

100 Days to World Kickball Championship Weekend in Vegas!

There are just 100 days until 2011 Founders Cup World Kickball Championship Weekend – the largest kickball party in the world! Starting today, we will be counting down to the event by sharing breaking tournament news and other stories.

$20,000 in kickball tournament prizes at 2011 Founders Cup and The Kickball Games -- Columbus Day Weekend in Las Vegas!

We are excited to offer the largest prize packages ever this year for the Founders Cup Tournament and The Kickball Games. With so much at stake, October 7-9, 2011 will be a kickball weekend you won't want to miss!

For those not familiar with World Kickball Championship Weekend, it features two events. Founders Cup will have top WAKA Kickball teams from around the nation competing for the title of World Kickball Champions. The Kickball Games is for those players looking more for fun than a kickball competition. It's all happening in Las Vegas and features these great prizes:

Lasalle Blanks of The Situation on the team's recent invitation to the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship


Lasalle Blanks, captain of The Situation wants to show WAKA nation why Hampton Roads is one of the most dominant kickball areas in the country.

The Situation from WAKA's VA Southside league in Norfolk, Virginia is headed to the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship in October. A veteran Founders Cup team, they are also the 2010 Fall VA Southside league runner-ups to Panik Attack (lost 4-3 in extra innings in the end of season tournament championship game). 


Great kickball bars

When we launched the Kickball Today blog a couple of weeks ago, one of our first posts asked: "Which WAKA Kickball league bars draw the biggest and best crowd?"

We've received responses via email and in the comments of that original blog post. Thank you all for getting involved and interacting with us on the blog right at the start. We're excited for even more of this as we continue posting new content. Here are a few of the pictures we received about some great WAKA Kickball bar crowds.

The two below were taken at Grits in New Orleans, the league bar for LA Crescent on Mondays and LA Bayou on Wednesdays:

Video of top kickball plays

We receive some great videos from WAKA Kickball players of triple plays, grand slams and other amazing feats...and we want even more!

We're going to start highlighting some of our favorite kickball plays here on the blog. So, have your cameras ready at the field, upload and tag your best videos as "WAKA Kickball" on YouTube and then email us a link as well.

We look forward to posting some great kickball videos here on the blog!

What will the Founders Cup Weekend 2011 T-shirt look like? You decide!

This year, we want the limited edition Founders Cup Weekend 2011 shirt to be designed by you, WAKA players. We’re not talking about a plain old logo tee, we're talking about a design idea so amazing that even your grandmother will want to wear it.

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