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5 Fun Reasons to Visit Las Vegas This Fall

An essential bucket list experience? Visiting Las Vegas. When should you plan a trip? Now.

WAKAPALOOZA Fun Games 2017: Best Team Theme/Costume Award

In anticipation of WAKAPALOOZA - the largest sports and social festival in the world, and the launch of the Kickball Fun Games Team Awards 2017, we’re shining the spotlight on each award category and the teams coming to pla

CLUBWAKA Happenings: Balls & Dolls Classic in Orange County Recap

It was so awesome to host the CLUBWAKA Balls & Dolls Classic in Orange County, California last weekend!

The Balls & Dolls Classic is our annual kickball battle for bragging rights on the west coast with two tournaments held back to back - an all-men kickball team tournament and an all-women kickball team tournament. Attendees enjoyed a great day of fun (14 hours of kickball games!!!) - with Smookey and the Bandits taking home the men’s tournament championship medals, and the SINS rising to the top of the women’s tournament. Congratulations to the winners! 

WAKAPALOOZA Fun Games 2017: Best Team Video Award

We’re gearing up for WAKAPALOOZA 2017 in Las Vegas and shining the spotlight on each of this year's Kickball Fun Games Team Award Categories. The Kickball Fun Games at WAKAPALOOZA brings hundreds of CLUBWAKA’s most creative, fun loving, and adventurous members together to enjoy a round robin kickball game series, themed parties at the field, and chances win awesome team awards and prizes. 

The Best CLUBWAKA Social Sports Leagues to try in August

Sometimes, you just need a buddy (or a social club) to get you out of the house. From Portland, Maine to Tucson, Arizona, get ready to have a funner summer and roll through August with these hot new CLUBWAKA social sports leagues - Register now

Bowling in Tucson, Arizona- starts Monday, 8/7 

Sand Volleyball in Austin, Texas -  starts Tuesday, 8/8

WAKAPALOOZA Fun Games 2017: Best Team Social Media Award

In anticipation of WAKAPALOOZA - the largest sports and social festival in the world, and the launch of the Kickball Fun Games Team Awards 2017, we’re shining the spotlight on each award category and the teams coming to play in Las Vegas this October. 

First up, it’s the WAKAPALOOZA FUN GAMES Best Team Social Media Award! 

You + your team could win the WAKAPALOOZA Best Team Social Media Award - and earn up to 20 points towards your overall WAKAPALOOZA FUN GAMES score, just by joining in our weekly WAKAPALOOZA Social Media Challenges! 

What Your Uniform Color Says About Your Social Sports Team

Color psychology reveals what your uniform color says about your team.

Whether you’re a team captain wondering which uniform color to choose this season, or you’re looking to redefine your team’s signature style, the color you choose could have a strong influence how your team is perceived… and the behaviors and emotions of your teammates.  

Play Dodgeball in Las Vegas at the WAKAPALOOZA Foam Dodgeball Open!

For the first time ever, we’re bringing foam dodgeball to WAKAPALOOZA in Las Vegas! 

The WAKApalooza Foam Dodgeball Open is the ultimate 8-vs-8 co-ed foam dodgeball tournament testing a team’s skills, teamwork, and ability to duck, dive, and dodge while outlasting their opponents. 

Summer Party Planning Tips from CLUBWAKA

Summertime is here and patio parties are all we can think about. Whether its a backyard cookout, or a summer beer tasting brunch, we’ll take any excuse to be outside with our friends.

If you’re planning a summer party, this list of tips and hacks will help you take it from good to great, and get you well on your way to a #funnersummer: 

1. Have a rainout plan and communicate it to your guests. Even if its just moving inside for a game night, let your guests know what to expect if the weather gets spotty.

Announcing: WAKAPALOOZA Sand Volleyball Open

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural WAKAPALOOZA Sand Volleyball Open, which will take place on Saturday, October 7th, 2017 at Sunset Park in Las Vegas. 

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