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Celebrity is Hollywood's premiere social kickball club with lots of kickball and tons of social activites! 

OUR WEEKLY NEWSLETTER BLOG: http://celebritykickball.blogspot.com/
OUR FACEBOOK GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WAKACACELEBRITY/


Tentative Fall Dates: 

  • 9/20 - Rules Clinic & Pick Up Game (7pm)
  • 9/27 - Week 1
  • 10/4 - Week 2 - Game Week
  • 10/11 - NO GAMES: WAKApalooza weekend
  • 10/18 - Week 3 - Theme Week + DJ
  • 10/24 - Midseason Party
  • 10/25 - Week 4
  • 11/1 - Week 5 - Game Week
  • 11/8 - Week 6 - Theme Week + DJ
  • 11/15 - Week 7
  • 11/22 - Week 8 - Game Week
  • 11/29 - NO GAMES:  Thanksgiving Weekend
  • 12/6 - Week 9 - Theme Week + DJ
  • 12/13 - Week 10
  • TBD January - EOS 

Dates are subject to change. 


Celebrity Fall 2015 Fun Games Tournament Scoring

All teams play 10 games - each with a different wacky rule. Tournament standings are based on a points system as outlined below ranking field results, bar results, how well you play with others and general participation.  The team with the most points at the end of the tournament takes home the trophy!  



On all odd numbered weeks you will pitch to your own team. Bunting will NOT be allowed. 

All even numbered weeks will be played with two pitch. Bunting WILL be allowed on these weeks. 

An additional wacky rule will accompany each week. 


Weekly points: 

·         Field - win: 3, tie: 1, loss: 0  

·         BAR - win: 3, BARticipation: 1, no BARticipation: -1  

·         "Sandbox" rating:  Not so great: 1, Great: 2

·         Post on the blog: +1 (see Celebrity Sightings)


Other possible points:

·         Theme week - Top three teams: 3, participation/submitting a photo: 1, no participation: 0

·         Celebrity Sightings (see blog info)

·         Bonus point opportunities (announced as necessary)


Special Matchup Weeks (points are worth double or triple)

Week 5 AND the season's final three weeks of match ups will be determined by points earned in the previous weeks of the season.  These weeks will also offer higher point values, and chances for teams to rack up extra points on both the field and bar.  

Week 5 - Field matchup: Field game schedule will be determined based on a team's total number of FIELD points (1 vs. 2, 3 vs. 4, 13 vs 14, etc).  Field games will be worth double (6 points for a win, 2 points for a tie), bar points will be worth the normal number of points. This is to help shake up the standings halfway through the season.

Week 8 - Bar matchup:  Field game schedule will be determined based on a team's total number of BAR points.  Match ups will be in order of seeding (1 vs. 2, 3 vs. 4, etc).  Field games will be worth the normal number of points, but bar games will be worth double (6 points for a win, 2 points for participation).  

Week 9 - Field Matchup:  Field game schedule will be determined bracket style (1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15, etc) based on a team's total number of FIELD points.  Field games will be worth double (6 points for a win, 2 points for a tie), bar points will be worth the normal number of points. 

Week 10 - Final Field Matchup:  Field game schedule will be determined based on a team's total number of FIELD points (1 vs. 2, 3 vs. 4, 13 vs 14, etc).  Points for both field AND bar will be worth triple (9 points for a win, 2 points for a tie, 2 points for bar participation). 

Sandbox points will not double or triple for these weeks.  

Tiebreakers for seeding will be determined by head-to-head results in the category used for seeding for that week (bar for week 8 and field for week 9).  If there no head-to-head results, ties will be broken by total number of season points.  


Forfeiture rules:

This following rule is ONLY if 3 male/female players have shown up for a team so we can avoid some forfeits. We want everyone to be able to play. If a team’s 4th male/female cannot show up and leaves the team with only 3males/females, below the required amount, the team will be allowed to continue the  with the following modifications:  The missing male/female’s spot in the Kicking Order is an automatic out. The team’s Defensive Lineup must continue without the male/female and go down a player. Genders may not be substituted.


Sandbox score

How well does your team play with others?  This score will be based on fun, friendliness, participation, attitude and sportsmanship at both the field AND the bar.  Both the opposing team and the refs will rate you a 1 or 2.  The score from the ref and the opposing team will be averaged into one number for your weekly sandbox score.

Scoring examples:

1 = The team argued, was mean/rude/douchey, was no fun to play or had little to no participation

2 = The team was a blast - so much fun, energy, great attitudes and good sports


Blog Posts + Celebrity Sightings

Instead of a weekly newsletter, Celebrity has a league blog.  Each team will have a designated page on the league blog.  Teams are encouraged to post game recaps, team photos, etc.  There will be an End Of Season award for the best blog page. 

Blog URL: http://celebritykickball.blogspot.com/

For blog points this season we will be adopting a program called Celebrity Sightings. Each team must feature two players on their blog each week. These should have photos and facts to accompany them so we all get to know each other. If your team successfully posts this, you will earn your weekly point. The blog submission deadline is Wednesday at 9am. 

For an additional point, at the field or bar the following Sunday find a Celebrity player that was featrued on the blog. Get to know them and take a photo with them or buy them a drink to earn your point. The idea is that we all get to know someone new so have fun with it! 

*Captains should actively try to feature players who will be in attendance the following Sunday. 


Theme Weeks

There will be 3 designated theme weeks throughout the season (weeks 3, 6 and 9).  This season the 3 themes will be chosen by the 3 teams who were first to reach status.  These themes will be communicated to the league at least 1 week proir to the theme date. Teams should dress up accordingly and take photos to be submitted to the board for voting.  3 teams with the best theme week photos will receive 3 social points.  Everyone who participates will receive one.  Terms (ie. Is photoshop allowed?) for photos will be posted along with the theme.

Theme week voting: Captains will vote on which team best portrayed the weekly theme. This should take into account both actual field presence and the final photo. The vote will be blind (anonymous) and only one vote per team will be allowed. If more than one captain from a team votes, the first vote will be the one counted. The votes will be tallied by a voting committee consisting of our President, Juan, and two other board members (TBD). All 3 of them will be on different teams to make sure everything remains fair. 


Bar Game Rules

Each week after the kickball game the losing team gets to choose a game to challenge the winning team to at the bar.  The teams at the bar get credited for a win or a loss (a loss still gets a BARticipation point).  If you don’t participate you lose a point.   You cannot reschedule your challenge to the following week.

Game choices:  

1.  Flip cup (best 2 out of 3, as many people that want to play as long as the #s are even – captains can elect to have people go twice in order to allow for more participants)

2.  Beer Pong (winner of one game - each team chooses their two players)

3.  Civil War (as many people that want to play as long as the #s are even)

4.  21 (as many people that want to play as long as the #s are even – 4 players is standard and recommended)

5.  Relay (winner of one game, each team chooses their 3 players)

6.  Any other game that both team’s captains agree to


Game Weeks for FUN!

There will be 3 designated game nights throughout the season (weeks 2, 5 and 8).  Teams will compete in various bar events for prizes. 


This/That Guy

That Guy:  Someone who takes kickball too seriously. Maybe they yell at the refs or the other team.  Someone who displays unsportsmanlike conduct or general douchbaggery. This person will be required to wear a beanie the following week of play. 

This Guy: A great sport; someone who goes above and beyond to help out others, encourage teammates, fight off thieves (it has happened!), etc. This person will be rewarded with a drink at the bar or something similar. 

Nominations for This/That guy will be accepted weekly.  Please email your nominees and why you think they should win to danielle@kickball.com.  The board will vote on the nominations. There will not necessarily be a that/this guy winner each week.  There could also be more than one this/that guy awarded each week. 


Food Truck at the Field

This season we will have tbe Ralph N Richie's food truck at the field every Sunday. Check out their menu: http://www.ralphnrichies.com/menu2.html


UPDATED Happy Ending Kickball SPECIALS!!!


$3 Bud Light Pints/$12 Bud Light Pitchers

$4 All other Draft Pints/$14 All other Draft Pitchers

$5 Well Drinks/Wine

$3 Mystery Shots

$16 (35oz) Beach Pails


$17 Pitcher and a Pie (toppings extra-$1.50 veggies, $2 meat)

$5 Nachos (add chicken $2, add steak $3) 

$5 Chip and Dip Plate

$7 Tacos (3 tacos - chicken or pork)

$6 Wings

$4 Fries

$6 Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls

$5 Healthy Happy Salad 

$7 Drunken Quesadillas


Congrats to our Spring 2015 Fun Games Tournament Champions: Orange Is The New Zini



• There are NO refunds.

• Credit cards charged at time of registration.

• Captains - make sure to read the Captains Responsibilities link on the website (next to the schedule link) before creating your team. By creating your team you acknowledge you've read the captains responsibilities and will uphold them.

• If you want to play on a team with your friends, make sure one of you “creates a friendgroup” and everyone registers on that group. (Otherwise you will end up elsewhere and not be able to switch later)

• If you are an individual, don't worry - just register as an individual and you will be placed on a team.

This season we will be partying at

This season we will be playing at

Don’t Just Kick the Ball, Be the Ball! This kickball league is currently looking for volunteers to help make this kickball season a great one! If you’d like to take charge, have a say, and become more involved in your kickball experience, contact your league representative and get involved today. No matter what your talent is, we have a space for you!


# GP W L T Pts Pct RA
The Bad News Bastards 9 7 1 1 7.50 .833 26
Kickin' Tetrazzini 9 6 2 1 6.50 .722 41
I Got 99 Problems But A Pitch Ain't One 9 5 3 1 5.50 .611 43
The Ball Busters 9 4 2 3 5.50 .611 19
Morning Kickness 9 5 3 1 4.75 .528 25
Georgia Balldogs 9 4 4 1 4.50 .500 38
Micropigs in Tiny Raincoats and Booties 10 4 4 2 5.00 .500 51
Kid tested mother approved 9 4 3 2 3.50 .389 32
Kick in a Box 9 3 5 1 3.50 .389 43
Fresh Kicks of Ball Air 9 3 5 1 3.50 .389 24
Where My Pitches At? 9 2 6 1 2.50 .278 41
Real Ballers Wear Pink! 9 2 6 1 2.50 .278 71
I'm Not a Playa, I Just Kick a Lot! 9 1 6 2 2.00 .222 62

Drink Responsibly

WAKA encourages everyone to drink responsibly and ensure you have a safe ride home.

Price per Player

Good Through

$73Mar 8

Registration will close early if league capacity is reached.

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Fresh Kicks of Ball Air
Georgia Balldogs
I Got 99 Problems But A Pitch Ain't One
I'm Not a Playa, I Just Kick a Lot!
Kick in a Box
Kickin' Tetrazzini
Kid tested mother approved
Micropigs in Tiny Raincoats and Booties
Morning Kickness
Real Ballers Wear Pink!
The Bad News Bastards
The Ball Busters
Where My Pitches At?

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