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WAKA SOCAL is excited to bring to you another awesome tournament:


The Charity Bowl will be a special fundraising kickball tournament. 

1st Place: $750 to charity
2nd Place: $250 to charity
Party Bracket Winner: $150 to charity
(prize money based on 16 participating teams)

As an added twist, the Charity Bowl will be a DEOC: A reverse coed tournament - where there are a max of 4 male defensive players and a max of 7 male offensive kickers. That's right, after Balls & Dolls, we still want to see the ladies take charge.

Playoffs will feature two brackets:   Premiere (top teams) and Party (bottom teams).   So yes, all teams will make elimination rounds and be divided into one of the two brackets.   

- Saturday December 2nd, 10am-7pm
- Tustin Sports Park, Orange County 
- Grass fields
- Tournament roster must have 14 players minimum
- Anyone 21 or older can play. Roster can include anyone from any team, any league, and even outsiders. 
- Charity Bowl cost is $45 per player (prices increases to $50 11/19) 
- Free agents welcome. If we cannot place you, you'll get a refund. 
- Guaranteed minimum 4 games for all teams.
- Head Umpires provided by WAKA.
- Peer reffing required for base umpires. 
- Standard Founders Cup WAKA rules (exception is reverse coed gender requirements)
- All charities/non-profits must be approved by WAKA.

The Charity Bowl will be selling raffle tickets for a chance to win tons of awesome prizes.    Proceeds will go to the Southern Calfifornia Special Olympics.   You can buy as many tickets as you want - and you don't have to be present to win.  Encourage teammates, family and friends to join in on the fun while supporting a great cause.   

Do you or your company have something awesome to donate that we can raffle off? Please let us know. Every little bit helps.

Can't play but want to participate? We are looking for volunteers to help us put on a great tourney. Please email sa@kickball.com if you can help us pre-event or even day of. Thanks so much.



DEOC RULES - (reverse coed play)

A minimum of 14 players must be registered on the team.   You can have as many of each gender as you want, but remember that a maximum of 4 men can play defense on the field - which means a at least 7 women must play defense in order to reach the required 11 fielders.

A maximum of 4 male defensive players are allowed. A minimum of 2 males must be designated as outfielders, meaning they cannot cross the outfield line until the ball has been kicked. A violation of this will be considered the same as “encroachment,” and the same penalties will apply. The outfield line will be marked by lines/cones 30 feet behind 1st base, 2nd base, and 3rd base.   Like regular league play, the first encroachment call will result in a warning, with any subsequent encroachments at any position resulting in an automatic base.

No more than 3 males can kick consecutively. Only a maximum of 7 men can kick in the lineup. Should a male or female be forced to walk without a strike/foul, he/she will be awarded two bases.    Should a team carry more than 7 men on the roster, switching out for subs is allowed as long as no more than 7 men kick in a completed kicking order.    If a starter is replaced, that very starter can only come back if he retains his same exact spot in the original kicking lineup.    Should the sub wish to kick again, he can replace any other male position once his original "subbed" position cycles through.     (For example, if sub comes in at the #3 spot, he can't sub kick for the #7 spot until the #3 spot cycles through again with the original kicker).    A sub is NOT required to play defense at any time, nor is a sub required to kick if he plays defense.   All substitutions, as well as reversals, must be announced to the home plate umpire.
For the women, the sub rule does not apply.   There is no max to the number of women who can kick, but a minimum of 7 ladies must be in the kicking order and must be at least one more than the number of men kicking (so if 7 men are in the kicking lineup, at least 8 women must be in the kicking lineup).

Unique to the DEOC will also be the ability for players to switch positions an unlimited number of times within a single inning (gender irrelevant).  However, position switches may only take place in between kickers, not during the middle of a kicker's pitch count.

Questions/suggestions/comments?   Please send them to sa@kickball.com or call 714.713.3569


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CLUBWAKA encourages everyone to drink responsibly and ensure you have a safe ride home.

Price per Player

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$45Nov 19
$50Dec 1

Registration will close early if league capacity is reached.

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