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Summer 2017 Registration Now Opening
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FL Citrus is the BEST and ONLY Kickball & Social Club
in Orlando on Wednesday Night
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FL Citrus is the home of Orlando’s best kickball league and social club on Wednesday Nights. It is an adult kickball league located in the heart of the sunshine state featuring weekly co-ed games, amazing post-game drink specials, and engaging social activities. This is a NO "MUNTING" (male bunting) league.
This Summer, games will be held on Wednesday nights at 7 & 8 pm in July through September at Barnett Park located next to the Central Florida Fairgrounds. AfterwAfterwardl all head to Harry Buffalo in Downtown Orlando for drink specials, bar games, and socializing. Registration includes entry into TWO league parties and first access to other WAKA Orlando Events.
Contact your community coordinator, Marnie Vanture, at marnie@kickball.com if you have any questions. Register today as a full team, friend group or as a free agent.
Join today and start making great new friends in the greatest kickball league in town.
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July 15 - Southeast Regional Tourney in Jacksonville
July 17 - Summer Registration Price Increases to $82
July 19 - Summer Pick-Up Game at 8 pm @ Barnett Park
July 26 - Summer PreSeason Party at 7:30 pm @ Harry Buffalo
August 2 - Summer Season Begins at 7 pm @ Barnett Park
August 7 - Summer Registation Closes at Midnight
September 6 - Summer End of Regular Season
September 7 - 10 - Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama
September 16 - Summer Slip-n-Slide Kickball Week
September 20 - Summer Playoff Tourney
September 27 - Summer End of Season Scavenger Hunt
Themes & Competitions - Summer 2017
Week 1 - 90's
Week 2 - Punk
Week 3 - 70's & Team Photos
Week 4 - Country
Week 5 - 80's 
Week 6 - Grunge
Week 7 - 00's
Week 8 - Pop
Week 9 - Playoffs

Congratulations to Honey Badgers on their Spring 2017 Championships!

Can't play on Wednesdays try our sister league! Thursday Nights - FL Central
Don't want to play Kickball? Check out FL Orlando Cornhole.

This season we will be partying at

This season we will be playing at

Are you a captain or aspiring captain wondering about how to start a team? First, you want to register yourself and then start a "friend group". Your friend group will become a team after registration closes. Here are some videos to guide you through the process.Do this one first --> How to register yourself
Then do this one --> How to create a friend group

Thinking your company would be interested in sponsoring a whole team? http://www.kickball.com/corporate-teams

Plan on going solo or joining with one or two friends? Perfect. That's actually how a lot of teams are formed. Nearly 50 percent of the players in the league first started as free agents or small friend groups. That's how easy it is to meet new people and make new friends. So don't worry - go ahead and sign up and we'll be sure to check with you to put you on a team that's a perfect fit for you. And, if we can't get you on a team, you get your money back - guaranteed!

Every registered team starts off as a "Friend Group." A friend group does not reach official team status until they have at least 4 players of each gender registered or at least 14 players on the team. Teams are required to have a minimum of 14 registered players or a maximum of 26 players. At least 4 players of each gender must be on the team as well. Being a league that sells out regularly, reaching a confirmed team status is strictly on a first come first serve basis. So to guarantee a spot in the league, make sure your teammates get registered ASAP!

FL CITRUS is the best way to enjoy HUMPDAY - playing kickball! We are known for great kickball, the best and safest playing fields in Central Florida, amazing ‘post-game’, and legendary parties!  Don't miss the action this year on Wednesday Nights in Orlando!  We play a 7 game regular season, with games on Wednesday nights at 7PM and 8PM. Upon completion of the season, teams face off in a single elimination playoff tournament.

View the Kickball Rules and the League Tournament Guidelines.

- Player shirts will be handed out week 1, before the first games.
- The season schedule will be posted approx 1 week before our first games.
- The season schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather and other factors beyond our control.
- We recommend all players read the game rules prior to the start of the season.
- Cleats are recommended but they are not required.  No metal cleats are allowed.

Don't Just Get in the Game, Be Part of the Game! This league is currently looking for volunteers to help make this season a great one! If you’d like to take charge, have a say, and become more involved in your social sports experience, contact your league representative and get involved today. No matter what your talent is, we have a space for you!


# GP W L T Pts Pct RA
Honey Badgers 10 8 2 0 8.00 .800 27
WAKA Me Off 10 6 3 1 6.50 .650 34
All About That Base 10 6 4 0 6.00 .600 30
Pitches Be Crazy 10 6 4 0 6.00 .600 40
PRE CRISIS 10 6 3 1 5.75 .575 35
All we do is Gin Gin Gin! 10 4 6 0 4.00 .400 42
OIC's Sons Of Pitches 10 3 7 0 3.00 .300 63
Recess Renegades 10 3 7 0 3.00 .300 67
Pitch better have my money 10 2 8 0 1.25 .125 67

Drink Responsibly

CLUBWAKA encourages everyone to drink responsibly and ensure you have a safe ride home.

Price per Player

Good Through

$59Dec 31
$69Mar 13
$79Apr 10

Registration will close early if league capacity is reached.

Latest News

Drink Specials:
$7 Pitchers of Bud/Bud Light
$5 Titos
$3 Wells
$3 WAKA Shots
$8 Burger

Season Details

Season Completed
Game Start Time:
Season Start:
Season End:
Game Schedule:

Community Coordinator


All About That Base
All we do is Gin Gin Gin!
Honey Badgers
OIC's Sons Of Pitches
Pitch better have my money
Pitches Be Crazy
Recess Renegades

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