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Minneapolis >> MN Twin Cities - Spring 2013

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Thanks for your interest in Fall Kickball, playing Thursdays at Painter Park in Uptown, Minneapolis starting on September 8! Here are the key dates you need to know!

Important Dates:

  • Thurs, 8/25 – Captains’ & Rules Meeting, Painter Park
  • Thurs, 8/8 – Kickball Week ONE, Painter Park
  • Sat, October, TBD – Mid-Season Party
  • Sat, 11/12 – All-Day PLAYOFFS
  • Sat, 11/18 or 11/19 – End-Of-Season Party

Weather Policy:  Our official league policy is to only cancel games for severe weather (lightning or tornado watches/warnings typically). That said, please travel carefully and don’t take any chances if you’re not comfortable. If we are going to cancel games, we will notify the entire league via email by 3pm on game day. Do note that if games are ever cancelled you’re still welcome and encouraged to head to our sponsor bar where it is dry and warm for some flip cup fun.

Have questions? Need a team? Click HERE to contact your league representative.

This season we will be partying at

This season we will be playing at

Don’t Just Kick the Ball, Be the Ball! This kickball league is currently looking for volunteers to help make this kickball season a great one! If you’d like to take charge, have a say, and become more involved in your kickball experience, contact your league representative and get involved today. No matter what your talent is, we have a space for you!


This year we will be sponsoring:
Make-A-Wish Foundaton of Minnesota.


Drink Responsibly

WAKA encourages everyone to drink responsibly and ensure you have a safe ride home.

Price per Player

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$68May 4

Registration will close early if league capacity is reached.

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Ball so Hard
Balls and Dolls
Boot by the Foot
Booze on First?
Bunt Pirates
First Base Problems
Hold My Beer and Watch This!
Kick This
Kickin' It Old School
Pitches Be Crazy
Stage Five Clingers
Tax That Asset
Touch My Butt
We Kick Balls
Where My Pitches At?
You Kicked my Battleship
Youre Killing Me Smalls