Dallas >> TX Thunder - Spring 2018

This season we will be partying at

Bryan Street Tavern.

This season we will be playing at


Thursday, Feb. 22nd  Open Play 7 PM OPEN PLAY 
Thursday, March 8th Week 1 Games 7-10PM Team Spirit Night
Thursday, March 15th Week 2  Games 7-10PM  
Thursday, March 22nd Week 3 Games 7-10PM Theme Night-ST PATRICKS DAY
April 7th Mid Season Party 9-Close the Eberhard
Thursday, April 5th Week 4 Games 7-10 PM  
Thursday, April 12th Week 5 Games  7-10PM  
Thursday, April 19th Week 6 Games 7-10PM Theme Night: DECADE NIGHT
Thursday, April 26th Week 7 Games 7-10PM  
Friday, April 27th End Season Party9 PM-2AM   Barley House 
Thursday, May 3rd  Week 8 Games  7-10PM  
Thursday, May 12th Playoffs  7-10PM Playoffs/Championships



How to Register: 
Yourself--> How to register yourself
Get Your Friends to be on your Team --> How to create a friend group

Free Agents: 
Signing up alone? No problem! Kicking balls is a great way to make new friends! Before the season starts (usually 1-2 weeks prior) you will be placed on a team that meets your preferences (social, competititve, party animals, etc.)

Small Group: 
So you guys want to play together, but you are no where near a team. No worries! Much like free agents, small groups of friends will be placed on the same team, and on a team that matches their preferences as a group. 

Large Group/Full Team: 
Congrats, you finally got all of your pals to get it together and register...but we are a few people short. Don't fret! Large groups that are a little short will have free agents with the same kickball philosophies added to their team to make sure the team is fully stacked and ready! A full team is between 16-26 players, so let your coordinator know early your expected number at lhillin@kickball.com and we can go from there!

Coporate Teams:
Want to get paid to bond with your co-workers? Get your company to sponsor your team! E-mail your coordinator at lhillin@kickball.com for more info! 

Hit up your Community Coordinator, Lauren (lhillin@kickball.com) You can also check out our Registration FAQ.


When Do I get My Shirt?
If registered by the first rounds of shirt orders (at least 2 weeks in advance), your community coordinator will bring the shirts to the field week 1, and give them to each captain. If a dry fit shirt or kickball is ordered, it will be delivered directly to your house, so if you do not recieve it, ask! 
Where's the Schedule? 
The season schedule will be posted approximately 1 week before games begin. If there is any issue with the schedule and your team's schedule, please let your coordinator know ASAP so that it can be adjusted. 
Is the Schedule Solid?
The schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather or any other out of our hands' factors. View the rain out policy in the rules for further information.
Can I drink on the field?
NO! We play at a middle school, so we are not allowed to bring alcohol on the premises. LUCKILY our home bar is just a few blocks away, so you can walk back and forth between games. 
What are these parties I hear so much about?  
We Thunder buddies LOVE a good time! Each season, there are 2 parties with FREE (you heard me!) FREE beer! We also have drink and pizza specials at our home bar weekly. Players enjoy flip cup, pool, KARAOKE on stage with DJ Tanner and bonding with their league every Thursday!



# GP W L T Pts Pct RA
Silly Kittens 8 7 1 0 7.00 .875 12
Bunt Stuff 8 6 1 1 6.50 .812 12
Recess Rejects 8 5 2 1 5.50 .688 36
Pitches be Crazy 8 5 2 1 5.50 .688 20
Kick in a box 8 4 3 1 4.50 .562 16
We Are Tad 8 2 6 0 1.25 .156 58
WAK it to me 8 1 7 0 0.25 .031 50
Pineapple Gang! 8 0 8 0 -1.50 -.188 62

Drink Responsibly

CLUBWAKA encourages everyone to drink responsibly and ensure you have a safe ride home.

Price per Player

Good Through

$75Feb 1
$85Mar 13

Registration will close early if league capacity is reached.

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Bunt Stuff
Kick in a box
Pineapple Gang!
Pitches be Crazy
Recess Rejects
Silly Kittens
WAK it to me
We Are Tad

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