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Last updated 6/28/2018

Founders Cup World Kickball Championship

CLUBWAKA Regional Tournaments

Founders Cup World Kickball Championship

What’s new for WAKApalooza 2018?

- We are increasing the number of free agents allowed for league qualifiers. You can now take up to 7 free agents from your local league (no more than 5 of either gender). We want to give league qualifiers a little more flexibility to field their teams, build their roster to compete, and reduce the pressure for them to form "super teams" within their local leagues.

- At the same time, we're tightening up on the free agents for regional qualifiers. Regional teams may only have up to two free agents allowed only if they need them to reach the minimum roster requirements. We made this restriction because regional teams have the benefit of building their roster from players all across the country. Our committee decided that it really didn't make sense to allow additional free agent adds on top of that advantage.

- Lineup Subs - Teams can sub up to 4 players into the game off the bench. We instituted this just before FC17 and it got some good feedback. We're officially adding it to the FC18 guidelines.

- 6 Innings Semis & Finals: Based on player feedback, we're extending the final two rounds to 6 innings.

- Gender Identity: All participants shall be eligible to participate in a CLUBWAKA activity/program in a manner that is consistent with their gender identity, under the following conditions: The participant provides an official record, such as a driver’s license, passport, or revised birth certificate, demonstrating legal recognition of the assigned sex. [Back to top]

How do I register my team for Founders Cup?

Teams that have qualified via League play or a Regional Tournament may initiate the process. No need to wait for an Invite from the selection committee -- just request one!

Also, Teams with a history of qualifying for Founders Cup may request a bid and register their players even if their qualifying season of play is still in progress. They must still ultimately qualify in order to finalize their place in the tournament, but they need not wait to qualify before they can begin to register for Founders Cup. (As always, any registered Group or player not ultimately securing a confirmed Founders Cup Team slot will be fully refunded.)

To activate your Founders Cup invitation and begin to register your players, start by emailing and indicating your Team name and the Season of play with which you have qualified or expect to qualify. (Make sure you’re a Captain or Co-Captain of the roster in system.) [Back to top]

When are Founders Cup invitations sent out?

Invitations are expected to commence no later than June, and continue on a rolling basis through August or until the tournament is filled. [Back to top]

What does it cost to play in Founders Cup?

Per-player registration costs will increment over time, as per the chart below. These prices are for FOUNDERS CUP only, no Party Wristband. For the Package deal including a Party Wristband, add $35 (a $45 discount from the Wristband purchased a la carte).

Cost per player Good through...
$60 Jul 15
$70 Aug 15
$75 Sep 15
$85 Sep 23

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How does a team qualify for a Founders Cup invitation?

Per the World Championship Guidelines, teams may qualify either via CLUBWAKA League Play, or via a CLUBWAKA Regional Tournament. [Back to top]

Why is there a minimum of 14 players w/ 5 of each gender required to secure a Founders Cup team slot?

This is primarily to ensure that teams have enough players coming to be able to sustain last-minute changes of circumstance that might cause smaller teams to forfeit (depriving another team of a precious pool play game). [Back to top]

Can you elaborate on the "established CLUBWAKA history" clause in qualifying for free agency?

In short, only relationships based on official (and physical) participation in CLUBWAKA Leagues and Tournaments can be considered towards Founders Cup free agency claims. All Free Agents are subject to approval by CLUBWAKA’s Tournament Selection Committee, which has sole discretion over all judgment calls. [Back to top]

If i just register a player on my League or Regional roster, even if they live in another city and/or never play with my Team, does that enable them to qualify for our Founders Cup roster without using up a free agent slot?

NO - being present on a roster isn’t enough, they must also participate physically at the Regional, or on at least 3 game weeks during the League season. If a player meets the criteria for Free Agency (i.e., if they have a history with your team but weren’t able to play during your qualifying season), but they didn’t physically participate in the league, then it would require a Free Agent slot to include them at FC, whether they are on the League roster or not.

You cannot get extra Free Agents or include out-of-town ringers for your FC roster simply by adding them to your qualifying roster. [Back to top]

My team won multiple championships this qualifying period - may I combine these rosters to comprise my Founders Cup roster?

No - you must choose one qualifying roster to accept with. The Committee is happy to honor your preference of which qualifying roster to invite. [Back to top]

What is the structure of the Founders Cup Tournament?

A pool play round followed by a single-elimination bracket. Pool play will occur over five (5) hours, with each team playing four (4) games and having one (1) BYE hour (which may be in any of the five hour-slots). The number of teams that advance to the elimination bracket will be determined once the number of participating teams is finalized. [Back to top]

Are teams expected to provide referees?

Yes, to a limited extent: Four (4) players from your roster (or otherwise supplied by you) will be asked to referee ONE game at most, at 1st or 3rd base, while your team is on their BYE hour.

For more information, read Attachment C of the Guidelines. [Back to top]

CLUBWAKA Regional Tournaments

Where can I get the details about this year’s Regional Tournaments? [Back to top]

What are the requirements for a player to be on a Regional Team roster?

The same requirements as for CLUBWAKA League play: age 21 and up, adequate health insurance, paid registration at Prior CLUBWAKA experience is not required. [Back to top]

Can a player on our Regionals roster who is unable to play at the Regional be eligible to join our Founders Cup roster?

No - see above. [Back to top]

How do Free Agent rules differ for teams qualifying via Regionals, and why?

As per attachment B of the Guidelines, Regionals teams registering for Founders Cup are “not permitted Free Agents except for a maximum of two (2) if/as needed to meet the minimum player quotas to secure a team slot.”

To illustrate:
- A team able to register for Founders Cup at least 14 players (w/ at least 5 of each gender) from their Regionals roster may not add any Free Agents.
- A team only able to register 12 players from their Regionals roster may use 2 eligible Free Agents that enable them to meet the minimum of 14 players w/ 5 of each gender.
- If a team is able to register 14 or more players from their Regionals roster but only 4 are female, they would be permitted 1 eligible female Free Agent to meet their quota.

This restriction is in place due to the enormous “open roster” flexibility enjoyed by teams assembled for Regionals play. To allow them to add additional players simply to get even better is not deemed by CLUBWAKA to be in the interests of fair competitive balance. [Back to top]