WAKA Kickball & Social Sports (kickball.com) is now CLUBWAKA. Stay tuned for our new CLUBWAKA.com website later this winter.


Set yourself up for fun with a CLUBWAKA adult volleyball league! We're all familiar with the game but add music, parties, and themes, and you can bump up the fun with your friends. We all hit up a local party spot after games, too. 

WAKA Volleyball leagues are 6 on 6 to provide the most fun volleyball experience for your whole team. Each team gets one match a night which is equivalent to three total games to 21 points or up to one hour of playing time.

Don't have a full team? No worries! You can sign up as an individual, in a small group and we'll find a team for you. 

What if I don't have any volleyball skills? Doesn't matter. This is a social league before anything else! It's built on FUN! 

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Volleyball Rules

Official Volleyball Rules (PDF)


Official Volleyball Rules