The 2012 Rules Edition and you!

We thought it was worth a moment to proactively address what we would expect to be a common question at this point, which is a question of timing. Why put out a new edition of the Rules now, just a few weeks prior to Founders Cup? Why not afterwards, or in the quieter Winter months?
The truth is, we think this will prove an especially appropriate time for this particular set of clarifications. And that is the first point to emphasize: this edition is not one in which the rules of gameplay have meaningfully changed in intent, but rather reworded or restructured for maximum clarity. For anyone who's been playing in accordance with our Rules FAQ and the answers provided by our Rules Services Dept., this won't change the way the game is played in the slightest. This edition is a long-awaited formal clarification of some issues that have been prone to misinterpretation over the years.
So to the question of timing: each year, as Founders Cup approaches, there tends to be a marked increase in the discussion of Rules issues - both from competing teams as they prepare, and from our community of Certified Tournament Refs as we work to get all regions on the same page in how rules are interpreted and executed.
As veterans of past Founders Cups will recall, we have had to issue a supplemental FAQ memo just days prior to the tournament to address and settle areas on which we have identified an interpretive drift. This year we're getting ahead of it, going a step further and leveraging these efforts for the good of all WAKA players by issuing a revision to the Official Rules (as well as fresh updates to the Rules FAQ). This way, all competing teams will be on a level playing field in terms of having a few weeks to review the clarifications, knowing that all teams and referees will be freshly focused on a common and proper understanding of the rules. We believe this should be a great help in resolving common controversies before they happen again in Vegas.
The other thing accomplished by this edition is the separation of "Kickball Rules" from "WAKA Policies" - this will render the Rules more applicable as a stand-alone document for all contexts in which Kickball may be played (and the WAKA rules are used under our free License). The relocation of WAKA Policies also sets the stage for local variations, where certain parameters may be tweaked for the benefit of Leagues that trend more towards the competitive or the purely social (to name but one example).
Please review our new WAKA Policies page for the global default settings of all relocated Policy items.
We hope the new Rules bring immediate benefit to everyone playing the game. If you have further questions, please as always begin at the Rules FAQ, where if your issue isn’t already addressed, you will find instructions on sending an inquiry or suggestion.
Happy kicking to all!