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Win A FREE League Registration Every Month in 2019!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 14:02

Win A FREE League Registration Every Month in 2019!

We’re giving away a FREE league registration every month in 2019! Here’s how to win.

As we near 2019, we’re trying to step up our Instagram game and get verified. But rather than begging for followers, we want to get our players involved and hook you up for helping us out. So we’re doing something a little bit crazy -- we’re giving away a free CLUBWAKA league registration for every month of 2019!

Here are the rules:

  1. Follow @CLUBWAKA on Instagram

  2. Post a video or photo of something exciting or funny happening in one of your leagues -- a huge home run, a sports blooper, a dominant flip cup performance, a crazy costume -- anything you think would go viral if enough people saw it.

  3. Tag @CLUBWAKA in the post so we can see and share your post.

We’ll be re-posting your content (with credit) on the @CLUBWAKA account throughout each season, and the highest-performing post of each month* will be rewarded with a free league registration!

Why are we doing this?
CLUBWAKA has been connecting people through sports and social for years. Every day, we have fun and excitement transpiring all over the U.S., but given the fact we don’t have the resources to hire a camera crew for every league we run, we want to get our players involved in capturing some of that magic. We’re hoping to prominently feature our players’ content throughout 2019 and beyond, so CLUBWAKA members can see what’s going on near them, as well as across the country. That way, everyone -- whether it’s our players, or people thinking about joining a CLUBWAKA league near you -- can see what we’re really about.

Want to win a free league? Start capturing some of the magic today, and tag us on Instagram at @CLUBWAKA!

*Performance will be based on total engagement, including (but not limited to) likes, comments and shares.


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