A message from the founders


For 13 years WAKA has offered its members a fun filled sports and social experience, and we are proud that we now have leagues in the majority of states and cities throughout the US. The organization simply would not be where it is today without you, and because of this, we wish to provide you with further information regarding our exciting franchising program.

We are thrilled to tell you the big day has arrived and that select cities are now available as WAKA franchise territories in a number of states. If you have an interest in learning more about this exciting opportunity, we would love to hear from you -- please visit our Franchise page where more details on the program and released territories are available. We are looking for motivated, business-oriented players to become franchisees; this is the ultimate opportunity to turn your passion for WAKA Kickball into a successful and rewarding business. Please also see our press release on Business Wire for even more information.

For those of you wondering how this might affect your kickball league, there will be only positive changes. For almost all current markets and leagues, we will continue to operate them directly through our Customer Service department, in other words the Customer Service Representative and Customer Service Manager you see today will not be changing, and they will continue to be WAKA staff.

Our focus for franchising is new markets and untapped territories. This new endeavor simply means more people out there playing the game we love and helping to spread WAKA Kickball to new corners of the globe. That being said, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about this exciting opportunity. Just email us at franchising [at] kickball [dot] com.

Thank you again for helping to make WAKA the great experience it is today. We truly appreciate you and hope that you are as excited as we are to grow WAKA Kickball even further!

All the best,
David, Jimmy and Johnny
WAKA Kickball Founders