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December 2008 - All the News that's Fit to Kick

The Best of the Best Kick off the New Year!


Congratulations on scoring a 2008 King of the Hill Award! Feel free to brag all you want, you've earned it.

King of the Hill 2007

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All the nominations are in, the votes have been tallied, and after much debate (and a few fights), the winners of the 2008 King of the Hill (KOTH) Awards are announced! The awards are just one of the ways that WAKA recognizes the best of the best in a variety of categories, and this year was the toughest to date. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write in and tell us why their League should be recognized as one of the best in 2008. We spent hours reading every single one of them, and loving every minute of it!

Most Money Donated to Charity

FL Bayshore
Congratulations to FL Bayshore League for donating over $5800.00 to charity! The dynamic league board planned and organized all the events which included a flip cup tournament, a date package auction where winners not only got the guy or girl of their choice but a complete night out with tickets or events included, and a huge pub crawl.

Most CharityHonorable Mentions: FL Beach League for selling over $4300 worth of jello shots (which we heard made for some interesting games) and DC Memorial League who represented WAKA with pride (including a used, dirty WAKA ball) at the Charity Gala for Devotion to Children as a diamond sponsor (the highest level of sponsorship).

Ed Note: Remember, leagues have to submit their charity donations to WAKA Central and their Regional Representatives to get official credit and recognition.

Best Charity Event

TX Liberty - The Women and Men of Kickball Calendars
On March 1, the TX Liberty League released the hotly anticipated "Men of Kickball" and "Women of Kickball" Calendars and raised over $1500 for charity. They had such great demand, a second round was printed! All the models and photographers were kickball players in the league and sported pink or blue sashes with their calendar month at the release party.
Charity Calendar 1Charity Calendar 2

Honorable Mention: MN Twin Cities League - Kick Cancer Night

Best League Board

CA Central
CA CentralThe CA Central League Board decided to make this year different and raise money for The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation - and have fun doing it. Starting with a money drive, all the players on the field dressed up in pink for the Think Pink for breast cancer awareness night, and then they followed it with numerous themed nights: Halfway to St. Patty's Day, Superheroes vs. Villains, and a Costume Party for Halloween.  This board took action, planned the events and parties and worked tirelessly to help make this season Irvine's best yet! Board Members: Ada Pham, Jason Wiltshire, Jeremy O'Bryant, Kristen Morrison, Shannon Syme, Chrissy Angsuco, Jess Rodriguez, and Brian Marabello.

FL GardenMN Twin Cities
Honorable Mention: FL Garden League Honorable Mention: MN Twin Cities League

Best League Pictures

You can tell how fun it is to play in the NY Star League just by checking out their league picture links! Good looking kickball, players, and parties give them the KOTH!

Honorable Mentions: FL Grove, FL Coconut, CA Studio

Best Photographer

It surely can't hurt that Nathan Wauk is a professional photographer, but first and foremost he is a kickball player. Check out his great photos of the CA Studio League and see why he is walking away with the KOTH. He is available for kickball weddings too people!
GFC vs. Smurfs -
All-Star Game -
Best Damn Sports Show -
Honorable Mention: Matt Winer - FL Coconut League, Sara Tress - FL Greens League

Let WAKA keep you Warm

Best Rookie League

TX Storm (Fort Worth, TX)

WAKA Kickball was brought hard to the yard in Fort Worth this year. TX Storm League wins King of the Hill for Best Rookie League as over 200 new kickballers came out this summer to check out what WAKA is all about, and kept on rolling with a bigger fall season. This rookie league isn't just about good times at the fields and the bar; they also raised over $1100 for their league charity.
Honorable Mention: FL Tarpon League (Fort Meyers, FL)

Best Social Event or Party

'P' Party1. CA Studio
Best social event goes to CA Studio League for their "P" Party where everything had to start with "P." Look at all these great examples: some of the costumes - Policeman, Pixie, Pirate, PortaPotty, a giant Polaroid; the food - Pretzels, PoPcorn, Peanuts; the decorations - Pink and PurPle, Piñatas, Placemats...all followed up by a Plethora of beer.

"P" Party -

2. TX Live and TX Capital
The Austin, TX leagues (TX Live and TX Capital) joined forces for their end season party and showed all the kickballers a good time by cruising and boozing on Lake Travis - two boats linked together with a flip cup tournament and word on the street was there was even a breakout kickball game.

Honorable Mention: NM Mesa League - S&M and Bad Sweater Parties, FL Gardens League - April Showers Party

Best Trophy

The BIGDIK TrophyFL Tarpon
The "Boy It's Great Dominating In Kickball" Trophy (affectionately known as the BIGDIK) is the giant award that the winners of the FL Tarpon League took home this past summer and boy was that team proud. With that spirit and creativity, how could we resist giving them the KOTH award?

Honorable Mention: The 'Hype Cup' from FL Beach League which traveled all the way to Vegas for Founders Cup and had quite a ride AND the 'Golden Keg' from FL Atlantic League that truly represents what nights after kickball are all about.

Golden Keg

Ghost Man on Third (GMOT)
After spending many nights reading and re-reading and re-re-reading the fantastic GMOTs from all the leagues submitted, all we can say is there are some pretty friggin amazing creative writers out there playing kickball and putting a lot of time, effort, and hard work into their newsletters. We had a great time reading all of them and now know which leagues to follow for a good laugh. Without further hesitation, here are the results for Best GMOT...

1. TX Thunder
Now we're not sayin'... but we're just sayin' the TX Thunder GMOT is taken so seriously, the league created a 10 minute testimonial video with their nomination in support of the mystery GMOT editor's dedication every week to the 25 page average length issue. Players credit hook ups, off the hook bar attendance, increased charity giving, and countless cubical hours pleasantly spent reading or submitting emails and photos to this creative and snarky GMOT. The mystery GMOT editor had also created the TX Liberty GMOT for many seasons and is sorely missed. WAKA thanks you TX Thunder Mystery GMOT for one of the greatest reads of 2008!

2. DC Monument
...has been a long standing leader of GMOT awesomeness and this year was no disappointment. Their readership far exceeds the league, as players eagerly forward it to friends, family and co workers every week that are now equally hooked on the sweet - wordy - graphic filled - addiction. Weekly columns feature interactive elements like quizzes and superlative voting that even the league bar staff get involved in, and written submission are routinely cut in length due to the sheer volume of kickball gossip and game highlights. Fun and dirty - two good things that taste great together if you could actually eat this GMOT.. actually that very well could happen in this league.

3. FL Boca
The league president wears a kilt and sends a weekly letter to the players on plaid stationary in this T-Bag loving and monkey friendly GMOT. (Just read a few issues and you'll see what we mean.) And just in case you experience a minor injury on field, you're sure to find some help from Dr. Linda.

Honorable Mention: MN Twin Cities, CA Hollywood, TX Capital/TX Live, CA Surf City, VA Dominion

Most Team Spirit
Without a doubt, this category received a massive amount of "creative" nominations. WAKA players truly are some of the most fun people to hang out with and their dedication and team spirit come in second to none! The choice was difficult... the winners are....

DC Memorial1. Below Me from DC Memorial have been crowned KOTH for team with the Most Spirit. Not only did they win the triple crown of the league (tourney winners, flip cup winners, and GMOT award winners) but they had multiple theme nights throughout the season and EVERY SINGLE player went to the bar each week after games. Included in their nomination was an extensive write up, files of photos and a full length feature video. Proudly add this bragging right to your already extensive team profile...

Young Guns2. If you were in Vegas for the 2008 Founders Cup, you saw (and were part of) the greatness and spirit of The Young Guns from FL Beach. From a player who stripped down to an American speedo to the homemade slip n slide and blanket trampoline and the mid-game run through the fields, The Young Guns ooze the spirit that is WAKA. For more proof, check out their YouTube video

3. VICTORY for The Viking Quest in CA Victory League! Every player has a Viking nickname, they play in full Viking gear, and there is the famous "wall of death" when someone tries to bunt. You can check out photos on flickr at and video at

Honorable Mentions: Hot Carls - FL West Palm, Kick in a Box - AZ Valley, There Will Be Balls - CA Junction, Valley Girls - CA Studio, 507 Crew - DC Thunder, 2 Legit 2 Kick - NC Capital, Cleats & Cleavage - SC Palmetto, Nametakers - NC Capital, Blueballers - OK Storm, El Guapo - MO Kansas City

NametakersEl Guapo

Best League Web Page

CO Mile High and CO Thin Air
Take home the prize for the best league webpage. Not only do they look great, but they're easy to navigate AND provide a wealth of information for current and potential players.

Honorable Mention: DC Atlantic League & AZ Victory League

'Twas the Night Before Kickball

'Twas the night before kickball and set in my den,
were red rubber balls, score pads, and pens.

The balls I had hoped to bring us good luck,
were gathered and ready to go in my truck

Instructions were studied and we were inspired,
In hopes we could manage the win we required
When we got to the field, soon what did appear?
But the other team dressed in full gear,

Emotions were high, but we had to await
The moment the ball crossed over the plate.

"Now kick it! Now slam it Now run for your life!
Run faster, run harder, through the air like a knife!"

Slide to the base! Safe, the ump calls out!
The fans all shout, they are oh so devout.

"Young," said the captain, "go get us a run."
Kick it hard, but don't make a man-bunt.

And then with a thwack, we knew for a fact
That our team had indeed made quite an impact

With a minute to go and we're still up to kick.
The ball went high, we started feeling sick.

He spoke not a word, so determined to score,
We needed this point to be champs once more.

The third baseman ran, and reached for the ball
We all saw that this would be a close call

She caught it, then fumbled as it fell from her chest,
We jumped for joy! On the ground it did rest.

The game had ended and the time was out,
We had won the game, without any doubt.

Tonight we'll cheer, and drink some beer!
From this point on, we have no fear

We did it! We did it! Our team is all set
For the perfect, most perfect, season, I bet!

Then off to dreamland we gratefully went,
To remember each play of this great event.

By: Derek Young, FL Tarpon League



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