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King of the Hill!

If your league or team is THE BEST of the BEST in one of our categories speak now or well, you just won't get any awards. Email your team and/or League and season information, what category you are the best in, and why you should win to ktsubmissions AT kickball DOT com. Be sure to include any photos, web links or examples that are relevant to your nomination. Nominations CLOSE NOVEMBER 14.

Categories include:

  • Overall Best Team
  • Best League Board
  • Best League Web Page
  • Best Ghost Man on Third newsletters
  • Most money raised for charity
  • Best Charity Event
  • Best Social Events or Parties
  • Best League Trophy
  • Best League Pictures
  • Best Rookie League
  • Most Team Spirit
  • Anything else that just shouts WAKA Excellence

Winners will be featured in the December issue of Kickball Today!

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Founders Cup 2009

Mark it on your calendars NOW - Saturday, October 10, 2009 to join us in Las Vegas for FCXII. Why the date change? Labor Day weekend in Vegas tends to be pretty hot, so we're going to give Columbus Day weekend (and the 20 degree difference) the 'ole college try for 2009. This is an event you won't want to miss, so plan on being there to witness the best kickball games in the country. Did we mention the Flip Cup?

Props to Jay B., the flip cup winner and President of the TX Liberty League!

Happy Thanksgiving from WAKA!

To get you in the full turkey spirit, here's one of our favorite Thanksgiving music videos from Spencer the Gardener, with a few shout outs to WAKA Kickball!

From the WAKA Family to yours, we wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving Season!

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Fun in the Off Season!

Fall season is coming to a close and most of us will have to wait until spring before we get to kick some balls again. Here are KT's top five suggestions on how to spend your time when you're not playing kickball.

  1. Adjust your pick up line to the following: "You look like you would be an amazing kickball player and I just happen to have a spot on my team for the Spring Season..." Collect digits.
  2. Flip Cup and Beer Pong are good for every night of the week; don't forget to challenge your kickball rivals. Technically it counts as practice.
  3. You're supposed to dress in layers right? Pile on every single WAKA shirt you own and see how warm you get.
  4. Check out a bowling league. The distant step cousin to kickball could help you perfect your pitching release, however we advise against foot to ball contact.
  5. Snow kickball anyone? After the game you can write your team name in the snow!

Where in the World is WAKA?

On location and touring around the nation - WAKA Kickball players always on vacation! Check out all the places WAKA players have gone.

Meridith M.
Meredith M. currently playing on the Blue Ballaz in CA Studio League is seen on the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic, wearing her Recess Rockstars shirt from CA Action League. "I spent 8 days in Berlin before hopping a train to Prague for 4 days - and of course explained to my 20+ traveling companions exactly why I was wearing a kickball be featured in Where in the World is WAKA, of course!?"
Kendric T.
Kendric T. member of Team Hhheeeyyyyy! in the CA Pacific League is pictured at the Olympic Green during a trip to the '08 Olympics in Beijing China.

Lynne G.
Lynne G. in front of The Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy plays in the TX Stampede League on the team Frisco Longballers. "We just recently won our league! YaY! Peace, Love and Longballs!"
Ariel, Ben and Stacie
Ariel B., Ben B., and Stacie M., members of the Chub Scouts team from PA West Chester League were kickball serious on vacation in the Outer Banks, NC.

Eric O.
Eric O. from VA Shore League sent us "Here's a photo of my trip to Oktoberfest. The beer tents were INSANE! My friend Chris and I had a blast. Thank you for such a great sport." Thanks Eric and cheers to LetsDoDis!
Jen and Kurt B.
Jen and Kurt B. of the Blue Ballers in OK Storm League are on the 14,060' summit of Mt. Bierstadt in CO sporting their WAKA shirts. "We took our WAKA jerseys hiking and mountaineering for 10 days on a recent trip to Colorado. Along the way, we met some guys hiking with a keg. Great future kickballers!"

Eugene B. and Missy W.
"In July, I took a trip to Cancun with my boyfriend Eugene B. We took a day trip to the ruins of Tulum hoping to take our picture at an ancient Mayan ball field with our WAKA shirts on. Tulum doesn't have a ball field, but they do have ruins! Eugene only speaks broken Spanish, so it took us ten minutes to find someone to take our picture. This picture was well worth the effort and the heat." said Missy W. of Kick in a Box from the NC Capital League.
Leilani 'Lani' P.
Check out CA Studio League and CA Victory League player Leilani "Lani" P. wearing her Feets of Fury shirt in the Philippines in front of the historical Rizal Monument in Luneta Park in Manila.
Annabelle and Buddy M., Emily W.
Pictured L-R are Annabelle and Buddy M., and Emily W. of team Dunder Mifflin in the FL Tarpon League in Munich, Germany.
Steven T. and Benji P.
Steven T. (pink) and Benji P. (blue) are former teammates on the Freeballers in the FL Coastal League. Steven is currently playing for Bangkok Baby! in the FL Coconut League and Benji is currently playing for the Freeballers in MA Recess League. This photo was taken in Cartagena at the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas by the "zapatos viejos" (old shoes) statue. "Benji is going back (to Cartagena) in January for a school work project for a class at MIT and he's bringing a kickball to have a scrimmage with the university students in the work project. In Colombia only girls play kickball in recess. Talk about a true ambassador of the Game."

10 players from the team The Camel Towing Company in CA Crown League traveled to Cancun to celebrate Mary Jane's 30th Birthday, and play a little kickball on the Mayan Ball Fields. Pictured L to R are: Naiwin C., Harold "Coach Carter" A. (forgot his shirt and felt the urge to hold Andre), Andre "Dre" N. (being held against his will), Wayne Y. and his girlfriend birthday girl Mary Jane S., Matt "The Roo" R., Edward "Big Poppa" A., ZZ "Persian Kitty" R., Ara V. (who loves the pink kickball t-shirt from a couple seasons back), and Daisy G. at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan.

Have you and your WAKA shirt or WAKA ball been somewhere or done something especially cool lately? Send in your pics and stories and we'll share the best ones with Kickball Nation. If it really rocks, you might even win some hip WAKA gear to wear on your next trip! Creativity counts - submit your entries to ktsubmissions AT

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