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Best Damn Sports Show Period Plays Kickball!

Best Damn Sports Show Period Plays Kickball
We all know that WAKA(R) Kickball is the best damn sport ever, so it was exciting to get a celebrity team challenge from the Best Damn Sports Show Period and introduce them to the game we all know and love! This month the Valley Girls (seeded 6th at FCXI) from the CA Studio League took on the all star celeb team from the Best Damn Sports Show Period. The BDSSP roster included Chris Rose, John Salley, Amanda Beard, Molly Olly, Alfonso Ribeiro and others. When the dust settled the game was tied 2-2 and the teams went to RPS determined the outcome. Who won? You'll just have to watch! The show aired nationally on the FOX Sports Network on September 26, but will live on in infamy forever through the wonders of the world wide web.

The Best Damn Celebrity Kickball Challenge - 09/26/2008

Thanks again to the Valley Girls and the Best Damn Sports Show Period for a good time on and off the fields!

Photoshop Fun Contest Winners

You met the challenge Kickball Nation! The WAKA Kickball and logo were cropped and set into images that best captured pop culture, kickball love and the WAKA Kickball spirit. Thanks to all who entered this month's contest! Here's who's walking away a winner with a Special Edition FCXI t-shirt!


Nick T of K2: Secret of the Ooze - CA Crown League
Your World Revolves Around It - Entry 11


Kris K. of Hangin with my Gnomies - TX Thunder League
Nintendo Game - Entry 12


Joline E. of Kick This - MN Twin Cities League
Nintendo Game - Entry 12

Where In the World is Kickball

On location and
touring around the nation-WAKA Kickball players always on
vacation! Check out all the places WAKA players have gone.

Stacey and Mark

Stacey H. and Mark M. members of the 3 time Champion "Kickin' the Balls" team in the FL Coastal League take their drinking around the world to the Guinness Brewery in Dublin Ireland

Amy and Caitlin

Amy S. (on the right) of the Master Basers in the TX Liberty League met Caitlin M. (on the left) of whom plays in a PA public school kickball league while traveling for work to Paris, France. "We met while taking a tour to the champagne region and quickly realized we both had an appreciation for kickball because of the jersey. The picture is outside of the Moet & Chandon winery. We enjoyed talking about kickball and enjoying our free glasses of champagne!"


Dan M. from "Team America" in the CT Lightning League at Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul, South Korea. "It was hotter than hell in my awesome black shirt, but I definitely had to represent WAKA in Asia!"


Meg L. plays on the Hells Kickin' team in the GA Dogwood League. "I recently went on an equestrian vacation to Wales and happened to wear my WAKA shirt one day. We rode 20+ miles each day through the Black Mountains. This picture shows me, my trusty steed Tiffany, and a lake in the valley below. I wish I could say people asked about WAKA, but unfortunately I mostly saw sheep. There were a lot of sheep. Tiff and I ran over a few (don't tell the farmers!)."


Rosie L. plays in SC Lowcountry League. "I recently visited Germany and Amsterdam. I sported my WAKA shirt from the Biergartens of Munich to the Castles of Meinz, and in this picture, the Canals of Amsterdam. I love WAKA kickball!"

Lyrica P. kicks it in the NM Hot Air League on Team Nevernudes. "Me and my WAKA shirt went backpacking in Denali National Park, Alaska for about 10 days. We conquered several mountains (up there they call them hills), survived moose, grizzly and black bears, wolves and other wildlife, and developed lots sweat and blisters. This pic is from the top of Stony Hill overlooking the tallest mountain in North America just waking up from my tent and making a very weird face!"

Kevin and Whitney

Kevin and Whitney took a break from the CA Action League to show off their Truffle Shuffle pride and enjoyed themselves on the island of Molokai at Hipuapua Falls. "Anyone interested in starting up a league there? I promise there will be no arguing of calls in this laid-back paradise."

Have you and your WAKA shirt or WAKA ball been somewhere or done something especially cool lately? Send in your pics and stories and we'll share the best ones with Kickball Nation. If it really rocks, you might even win some hip WAKA gear to wear on your next trip! Creativity counts - submit your entries to ktsubmissions AT

King of the Hill

It's that time! Let the 2008 King of the Hill Award nominations begin! If your league or team is THE BEST of the BEST in one of our categories speak now or well, you just won't get any awards. Email your team and/or League and season information, what category you are the best in, and why you should win to ktsubmissions AT kickball DOT com. Be sure to include any photos, web links or examples that are relevant to your nomination. Nominations CLOSE NOVEMBER 14.

Categories include:

  • Overall Best Team
  • Best League Board
  • Best League Web Page
  • Best Ghost Man on Third newsletters
  • Most money raised for charity
  • Best Charity Event
  • Best Social Events or Parties
  • Best League Trophy
  • Best League Pictures
  • Best Rookie League
  • Most Team Spirit
  • Anything else that just shouts WAKA Excellence

Bring it on kickballers! Let's see what you got!

Next Month

What to do in the kickball off season when you can't play kickball.

Looking for Love! Did you and your S.O. meet playing WAKA Kickball? Have you recently tied the knot with another WAKA player? Send us your stories and pictures and let the love fest begin.

Last chance for King of the Hill nominations!