Texasize it Plans to take The Kickball Games to a New Level of Fun!

Friday, July 29, 2011 - 10:36

Texasize it Plans to take The Kickball Games to a New Level of Fun!


Megan Lundquist of team Texasize it from Austin, Texas talks theme parties, World Kickball Championship Weekend, and what makes WAKA kickball better in Texas. Texasize it is coming to The Kickball Games in Las Vegas this October for the first time. 

“We're a group of SUPER Austin WAKA kickballers who love to party, wear costumes, and take everything to the next level. Our team will play off the truth that everything is bigger in Texas with over-sized props, customized songs, and our over-sized personalities. We can't wait to bring Texas to Vegas and show everyone what we're all about!


WAKA: What makes playing WAKA kickball in Austin, TX so much fun? 


Megan L: Definitely the people. Our Thursday night leagues are full of energy and people who love to have fun. Everyone gets really into the theme nights and the parties which makes it extra awesome!


Many of your players play on different WAKA teams in Austin. How did the team for The Kickball Games come together?


Throughout the 16 or so seasons I’ve played in Austin, I’ve come to meet captains and people who stand out on their teams. Basically we all like to have lots of fun and over the years we’ve started partying together. This Kickball Games team is comprised of the most fun people I’ve met during my seasons in WAKA. Our team is full of people who live to wear costumes and be crazy but mostly, people who LIVE for WAKA kickball. 


What are you looking forward to most at the Founders Cup Weekend/ The Kickball Games in Las Vegas this year?


I’m looking forward to meeting lots of kickballers from all over the country. When I heard about The Kickball Games I thought, Vegas full of WAKA people, sounds like heaven on Earth. I’m also looking forward to our team being more fun than everyone else, aka WINNING!


What will be your team’s secret to success at The Kickball Games?


Our secret to success will be that we’re from Texas…everything is better in Texas. Also that we’ve all been going to tons of theme parties for the past several years so we’re all very well versed in costumes, themes, and creative, fun ideas!!


Which of the 5 superlative categories does your team most want to win? 


We would love to win them all but I think I’d have to say Life of the Party. Mostly because we ARE the life of the party everywhere we go! Best All Around Team would also work well for us because everything’s better in Texas, right?