What to Pack When You're Going on a CLUBWAKA Vacation

Monday, February 2, 2015 - 16:01

What to Pack When You're Going on a CLUBWAKA Vacation

So you are going to a CLUBWAKA Vacation... that’s awesome!

To get ready, we asked our staff to help us create a packing list for everything you'll want to bring to have the best trip of your life. Here's our short list of CLUBWAKA party essentials: 

1. As many costumes as you can fit into your luggage (sometimes hard to remember to bring "real clothes") - Pam B.

2. Tutus, onesies, all the awesome goodies and swag you've collected like beads and glowsticks, and a bathing suit - Lena R.

3. Aleve, two pairs of cheap sunglasses (you will lose one), and a water bottle (for water) as all the glasses in the hotel room quickly become shot glasses. - Nathan B.

4. Pepto-Bismol and a cozy hoodie for the ride/or flight home - Josh G.

5. Emergen-C packets, fun socks, buttons, and as many pieces of flair as possible! - Kristen S.

6. Water bottle, snacks, and vitamin B - Lydia S.

7. Silicon wristbands or koozies with your team name or slogan to trade with other teams! You can get them made online before you go for only a few cents per item and they're a great way to break the ice with other teams once you get to the event.- Megan L.

8. Wear your CLUBWAKA shirt to the airport so you can spot other players en route to the party. I usually bump into CLUBWAKA people wherever I go or end up talking about kickball with people that I meet on the plane. - Sarah N.

9. Hats, glow sticks, beads, and accessories to dress up any outfit. - Cindy A.

10. Bring old CLUBWAKA shirts to trade with members from other states or cut them up to make tank tops, skirts, headbands, and impromptu costumes - Chris H.

11. Pocket flasks and bottle openers! - Colin D.

12. Inflatable toys and team flags are becoming a CLUBWAKA trip mainstay. They can help groups orgranize and find eachother in the crowd. - Steve W. 

13. Don't forget to check for each event's party themes so you can plan your costumes. You don't want to be that ONE person who doesn't dress up. - Danielle 

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