11 Awesome CLUBWAKA League Awards

Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 23:58

11 Awesome CLUBWAKA League Awards

We're always looking for new ways to live the fun life and this week, we're feeling inspired with CLUBWAKA league trophies and awards.

Each CLUBWAKA league has a unique award designed by local members and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some leagues choose individual awards for all team members, while others opt for legacy plaques or handmade trophy masterpieces.

We're always impressed by the thoughtful creativy that goes into making league awards - here's a round up of some of our favorites from around CLUBWAKA. Share your trophies with us on social media using hashtag #CLUBWAKA on Twitter and Instagram:

CA Mercury League - The unique cone base makes this one a real stand out! 

TX Rattlesnake League - the minis double as removable shot glasses! 

CA Fullerton League - ooooh shiney! 

ME Lighthouse League - homemade model lighthouse FTW!  

TX Live League - take it to the league bar and fill it up! 

NM Zia League - big, bold, and brassy 

CA Canyon League - the coolest mini keg on the block. 

WV Jewel City League - Classy legacy trophy honoring former champs. 

TX Dynamite League - lightweight handmade dynamite stick is perfect to crown a team MVP!

CA Hollywood League - this growler trophy is a ready-made team celebration!

AZ Victory League - Team medais for everyone! 

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