11 Reasons Why We Can't Wait for Summer Camp!

Friday, May 27, 2016 - 16:30

11 Reasons Why We Can't Wait for Summer Camp!

Summer officially kicks off this weekend, and we’re packing for camp! This year, we’re hosting THREE ridiculously awesome adult summer camps that, we promise, are totally worth emerging from your air-conditioned cave for. From pie eating contests to hiking scavenger hunts, we've already built your summer bucket list... all you have to do is pack your bag and show up.

Here are 11 more reasons to look forward to partying at camp with WAKA this summer: 

1. The realization that there are no camp counselors.

2. The thrill of learning something new. 

3. The campfire lip sync competition. 

4. Winning team color wars = pinnacle of human achievement.

5. That euphoric moment when you reach the top of the ropes course.

6. Chilling out with old friends.

7. Making new friends…. In unexpected places.

8. Dancing in the moonlight at the Electric Sky Dance Party.

9. Playing Bubble Soccer.

10. That point in the weekend where time and reality no longer apply.

11. Helping to make a glorious team flag.

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