11 Types of CLUBWAKA players

Monday, September 8, 2014 - 15:42

11 Types of CLUBWAKA players

The CLUBWAKA community is the perfect place to meet interesting people doing interesting things. Whether you're a social butterfly, flip cup master, or are simply looking for fun friends to do "stuff" with, these are 11 people you'll definitely meet at a CLUBWAKA social sports league - and they could become your new BFFs.

The guy who wants to make every play.
It’s like he has super powers and can play pitcher, catcher, short stop, and outfield all at once.

The happy hour planner.
She loves to get her co-workers and teammates together before the game to get the party started early.

The team with World’s largest costume trunk.
It doesn’t matter what the theme week is, this team has a costume for it.

The former college athlete.
He misses his days on the football squad and is happy to have a new competitive outlet. He will fire up the team up before the game, and make sure you are where you need to be on the field.

The outfield dancer.
The team stereo is rocking and she’s busting moves in the outfield. Don’t worry, she’ll catch the pop fly when it comes to her.

The new team.
Everyone gets to try every field position and there are a lot of dropped balls and laughs as the new team “remembers” how to play their favorite childhood game.

The ridiculously cute kickball couple.
The wear matching socks and costumes and back each other up in the outfield. You’ll often find them snuggling at the league bar before the night is done.

The kickball ninja.
She looks cute and sweet but when she kicks, she boots it like a world cup star to bring in the runs.

The referee.
Most of their time at the fields is spent making sure that gameplay is fun, safe, and fair. They have a signature style for calling “outs” and will make sure you tag up before you run.

The flip cup king.
This guy "one flips" everytime. You always want on your team when you hit the league bar after the game.

The closers.
They will be the last ones standing at the league bar - and they will take selfies to prove it.

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