11 Ways Social Sports Can Bring More Happiness to Your Life

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - 19:24

11 Ways Social Sports Can Bring More Happiness to Your Life

Let's face it, sometimes we all have a stressful week... or month... or year. We've all been there!

When life is feeling "lifeish", you may want to bury your head into the couch, but we've found that the key to relieving stress and feeling happier is to schedule regular playtime and exercise. Read on for our list of 11 ways playing social sports can help you feel better when you're stressed out, and bring more happiness to your days.

1. When you join a social sports team, you'll be surrounded by positive, happy people who love to have fun. Team bonding is a cure-all after a long day!

2. Exercise feels good. Join a social sports team to play your favorite game like kickball, foam dodgeball, flag football, sand volleyball, or whatever takes your mind off work.

3. Instead of scrolling your newsfeed, get out of the house to enjoy real talk - i.e. sideline convo and bevies with your teammates. 

4. You get to be outside! What is better than running around in the fresh air until dinnertime?

5. Make a play! Go for the catch, dive, dodge, slide... Just go for it! Sometimes, it just feels good to move. 

6. mpromtu team dance parties. Shake it off with your teammates and spend a minute dancing to music that makes you feel good.

7. You'll have lots of opportunities to do nice things for other people. Every season, CLUBWAKA leagues host charity fundraisers and events to benefit local organizations. Get involved and feel good about making your community a little better.

8. Show some #Reflove. Offer your referee a cold drink and you’ll make a new friend after your game.

9. Enjoy real fun with other people instead of being at your desk chatting on social media. Go device-free for an hour and play!

10. Have a laugh at all the costumed creativity of social sports teams. CLUBWAKA players have a ton of team spirit and their team pets and mascots will make you chuckle.

11. Dress up for a theme night. It’s hard to take life too seriously when you are wearing jorts.

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