13 Things Every CLUBWAKA Bar Closer Knows

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 20:51

13 Things Every CLUBWAKA Bar Closer Knows

There are some nights when the post-game bar adventures are just too good. If you've ever been one of the last CLUBWAKA people at the league bar at closing time, you can relate... 
1. You kid yourself that you are only going to stop by the bar for one drink with the team.

2. By half past ten, you’re in a fantasy football discussion with two teammates and are flirting with another.

3. You tell yourself, "I'm great at flip cup... it just takes a few practice rounds."

 4. When you’re about to call it a night, the cute player from the other team needs a partner for shuffleboard and invites you to play. 

5. Being the last one standing means that you get to see all your teammates at their finest before they disappear in an Uber.

6. You send out a team group chat in the hope that somebody replies and is on the patio talking to a guy from their running group.

7. Since nobody is left on your team, you find yourself with a bunch of new best friends from other teams. 

8. At some point you check the time but you are in 2 rounds deep in a "best of five" flip cup battle.

9. Suddenly, the bar’s lights come on and you realize you’re in trouble. This is usually around 2 or 3 am - aka A TIME YOU SHOULD BE ASLEEP.

10. Before you leave, the group takes a Bar Closers league photo for the Facebook group.

11. You call an uber and ask the driver to stop at your favorite drive-thru on the way home.

12. The next day you die at work, hate yourself a lot, and swear you won’t go out after the game next week.

13. Then you get a text from that cute player you met last night...

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