14 Creative Ways CLUBWAKA Players Drink Beer

Tuesday, April 7, 2015 - 16:28

14 Creative Ways CLUBWAKA Players Drink Beer

Most CLUBWAKA members will tell you that socializing with teammates over beers is a favorite part of the social sports league experience. Whether they're looking to beat the heat and keep their beer from sweating, or to win MVP party points, these folks have developed some pretty fabulous techniques for drinking their favorite brews.

From beer pong variations to sippy cups, we've collected photos of some of the most creative and ridiculous drinking vessels in the CLUBWAKA community. Check them out and get ready for a season of fun

1.  Victory beer is sweet from the league trophy

2.  Warm hand, cold beer, giant beer fist!

3. These colorful Easter eggs double as mini beer cups!

4.  Koozie + Straw =  5 full innings of fun

5.  When it's hot, hit the luge to cool your beer down!

6. Float your beer with Flamingo koozies!

7.  Beer? What beer? Nothing to see here...

8.  Silly straws never go out of style

9. Beer pong, civil war, flip cup... what's your pleasure?

10.  Customized team cups make beer taste even better

11. You never know when you might have to dump a beer cooler on your teammates in celebration

12. Matching a beer stein to your uniform is always encouraged!

13. A mug fit for a 6 pack

14. A favorite for the young at heart

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