14 Emotions You Feel At A Volleyball Game

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 - 17:22

14 Emotions You Feel At A Volleyball Game

A volleyball game is a whirlwind. It's fast. It's sweaty. And from the first serve to the final point, players experience a full spectrum of emotions. Want to join us for a game? Find a CLUBWAKA team here! 

1. Optimisim

"Please let me clear the net on the serve, please let me clear the net on the serve."

2. Anticipation

When the ball just hangs in the air on the way over the net...

3. Acceptance

Because you've found your tribe and can act a little silly. 

4. Confusion

To catch or not to catch?

5. Panic 

When you make a frenzied dive after an out-of-bounds ball.

6. Patience

When you are setting the perfect play. 

7. Dedication

When you are so committed to the play that you don't notice the ball is already way over your head. 

8. Belonging

Some of the best things in life make you sweaty. 

9. Denial

"It was on the line, I swear."

10. Defeat

When you give it your all but end up in the sand. 

11. Frustration

When you spike the ball into the net. 

12. Excitement

Attack the net! 

13. Joy

More sparklers, please.

14. Inner Peace

A warm evening with your toes in the sand, a bunch of good friends, and a sunset.

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