14 #WAKAproblems That CLUBWAKA Players Know To Be True

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 17:23

14 #WAKAproblems That CLUBWAKA Players Know To Be True

Your passion is kickball, your strife is managing all the fun and games each week. Last week, CLUBWAKA players shared their struggles with finding balance between their CLUBWAKA life and everyday life with the #WAKAproblems hashtag.

1. “Frantically digging through my stack of same-colored shirts to find one with the current season's bar logo AND year on it because my team has been together for so many seasons...” #WAKAProblems - Katherine C.

2. “Getting to work early so you have time to nap before your 9:15 WAKA kickball game.” #WAKAproblems - Erin C.

3. “Losing my cleats, or wallet, or cooler at the fields. Again.” #WAKAproblems - Mike W.

4. “All you can drink on the WAKA Cruise!? I'm going to need a new liver” #WAKAproblems - Brittish P.

5. “Trying to find the perfect socks to match my new team shirt color.” #WAKAproblems - Jessie P.

6. “Feeling like a rockstar when we are the last team at the bar, but then having to get up for work 5 hours later.” #WAKAproblems - Tina G.

7. “I have every weekend booked for the next 9 weeks for WAKA parties, weddings, and WAKApalooza Weekend.” #WAKAproblems - Andrea G.

8. “At work the morning after drinking like it's thirsty Thursday, but you play on Wednesday #WAKAproblems #thisislegitimatelyhappeningrightnow” - Justin C.

9. “I’m using my sick days to take every Friday off this season” #WAKAproblems - Doug T.

10. “Getting morning after kickball Facebook photo tag notifications...” #WAKAproblems - Carrie B.

11. “Waking up in your socks and cleats the day after a game.”  #WAKAproblems - Sean W.

12. “Having to referee a game for THAT one team...” #WAKAproblems - Kristi M.

13. “Forgetting your shades and having to spend the whole game in the outfield squinting and praying you catch the ball.” #WAKAProblems - Jim B.

14.“Trying to remember the name of the nice looking guy you met last week, but all that comes to mind is Red Guy. At least you know which team he’s on.” #WAKAproblems - Courtney P.

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