16 Kickball Game Tips for New Kickball Players

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 - 14:51

16 Kickball Game Tips for New Kickball Players

Let’s face it - as a new adult kickball player, there can be a lot to relearn about the game since you last played on the playground. Whether you’re captaining a new team or just starting your first season, you can expect a lot of bobbled catches and over-run bases during your first few games.

It happens (we don't know how he missed it either), but it happens.

To help you get better before your next game, we’ve put together a list of tips from experienced players that know how play kickball like adults.  

From bunting to fielding, here’s the insiders' take on how to make great plays and score:

1. “Let other people catch the ball while you dance your heart out to an excellent playlist.” - Ashley C.

2. “Tme your catch so you are running towards the infield as you catch the ball, then use the momentum to throw. If you can't make it to home get it to the pitcher ASAP.” - Evan L.

3. “Talk to your fellow infielders and know who is where.” - Frank M.

4. “Pay attention... and if you can't make the catch with a beer in your hand, then let someone else make the catch. Don't put the beer down!” - Heidi S.

5. “If you can't make the play, get it to the pitcher. Things usually don't happen the way you see it in your head. Everyone thinks they can make the diving save, throw it at the runner, recover the deflection, and still beat the guy standing on third to home... and although it would be awesome, it rarely happens that way.” - Alex T.

6. “Watch the 3rd base line for those bunts!” - Erin S.

7. “The 3rd baseman should always have a strong arm to make those throws to first.” - Corey R.

8. “Always be moving towards the ball or base... I hate when people just stand there!” - Jessica A.

9. “Practice throwing the ball with accuracy and think about the next play ahead of time. (A couple seasons of dodgeball helps). ” - Jacob M.

10. “Always have fun” - Michelle H.

11. “Get off the base! There is no need to set up camp on the bag! You can stand 15 feet away and beat the runner there every time.” - Aaron B.

12. “Keep your eye on the ball.” - Anita Y.

13. “Get your knee over the ball so you can place it down the baseline when you kick.” - Jared D.

14. “Try for a bunt or line drive on the third base line for your best chance of making it to first safely and moving runners along.” - Tina W.

15. "Sacrifice fly kicks are the best for scoring runs when you have 0-1 outs and runners on base.” - Kyle T.

16. "Get a third base coach to help guide runners home so they don't have to lose momentum at third." - Sheila G.

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