The 2011 World Kickball Championship Weekend T-shirt Design

Monday, September 19, 2011 - 11:21

The 2011 World Kickball Championship Weekend T-shirt Design

After weeks of voting, we are excited to reveal the official 2011 World Kickball Championship Weekend T-shirt Design! 




Congratulations to Mimi R. for her winning submission!  Thank you to all who participated and voted in our first ever t-shirt design contest. Look for World Kickball Championship Weekend t-shirts for sale at the WAKA store throughout World Kickball Championship weekend.  


Meet the designer of the official World Kickball Championship T-shirt 2011 


Name: Mimi R.

Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Current kickball team: The Dawn Key Show on UT Mountain league. 

Likes: the color green, robots, unicorns, dainty pastries, books, shark boxing, baking, college football and bacon. 

Dislikes: burning my mouth, ignorant people, slivers, eggplant, and losing.

Favorite drink: Vodka or Jäger 

When I grow up, I want to be Catwoman.


WAKA: Are you coming to Las Vegas with a team? If so, which one? 


Mimi: I will be playing in the fun League with a team from Salt Lake City, Utah called "Not your average SL,UT"


How did you get started playing WAKA kickball? 


Originally I played in a competitive volleyball league and I got sick of all the anger that was involved with the teams.  In search of a lighthearted sport that was actually fun, I found while googling “fun sports in Utah”. I joined online without knowing anyone in the league. I emailed my kickball rep, Clarence Willardsen, he was super nice and helpful. He found me a new team that needed a girl. I started my first season on a team of strangers and ended it with a whole bunch of new friends.


What is your favorite part of playing WAKA kickball? 


I like that I have a day out of the week that I can go be the kid that I am. I like being on a team and making new friends that I probably would have never crossed paths with. There is something cathartic about doing cartwheels in the grass and kicking a ball as hard as I can. It’s good for my mental health!

Plus, we raise money for charity so that is kind of the cherry on top.


What do you do when you aren't playing kickball? (for a living/ fun/ etc)


I am a happily married mother of two, so that takes up a lot of my time. My husband, John, is cool enough to watch my kids for kickball night. I also am an artist. I am employed as a marketing project manager and designer at a company called LifeVantage.  If you ever come to one of our games, we wrap up our nights at the bar and I usually end up tagging everyone with Sharpie tattoos. I actually think there is one posted in the photos from last years Founders Cup in Vegas.


Have you ever entered/ won a design contest before? 


In my adult life I have not entered any design contests that I can think of other then this one.  I used to enter contests and win often when I was younger.


What was the inspiration for your awesome t-shirt design? 


VEGAS BABY! Since the entry form mentioned that the Official logos were going to be printed on the sleeves, I ran with the party life of Vegas. Personally, I like to think of  Vegas in a “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” vintage kind of way. It is always nice to have a shirt that is “wearable” regardless of  demographic. Especially one that commemorates a KICKIN’ PARTY! Thanks to everyone that voted!


What are you looking forward to most at World Kickball Championship Weekend? 


Game Day!! Last year I played on a conglomerate team with people from all over the nation and it was AWESOME!  I‘m excited that we have a fun league team this year. You wouldn’t think it but Utah people know how to show up and bring a party! Also, our Salt Lake City locals can play a mean game of flip cup so I am looking forward to that!