How To Enter WAKApalooza Fun Games' Social Media Category

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 - 13:54

How To Enter WAKApalooza Fun Games' Social Media Category

You and your team could win the WAKApalooza Best Social Media Award and earn points towards the race for WAKApalooza Champions of FUN just by participating in our weekly WAKApalooza Social Media Challenges!

How it works:

  1. Check out the WAKApalooza Team Social Media Challenge Calendar. Share the weekly challenge post schedule with your teammates and start planning your posts!

  2. Join the WAKApalooza Facebook Group and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to follow along, share and participate.

  3. During each week of the challenge, post your team entry photo to the WAKApalooza Facebook Group using THREE hashtags: #WAKApalooza, #FindYourFun AND come up with your own team hashtag.

  4. For additional consideration share on your Instagram or Twitter using the same three hashtags.

  5. Email your team's hashtag to Please include your team name.  

  6. Start posting! Read, like, share and comment on others!

*IMPORTANT NOTE: All weekly challenge submissions must be posted within 1 week of the challenge date (Ex: challenge 1 on Monday, 8/27, needs to be posted by Monday, 9/3.) Any submissions that have been posted before this announcement can be included but you must go back and add the appropriate hashtags.


  • All social media weekly challenge submissions will be judged based on overall participation, shares, likes, comments, etc. as well as inclusion of all social media platforms (Must post on the Facebook Page, additional consideration for Instagram and Twitter tags).

  • Only Submissions using the hashtags #WAKApalooza + #FindYourFun + the hashtag you choose for your Fun Games Team will be considered.

Post Schedule

8/27 - Introduce your team captains (captains do so much behind the scenes, it’s fun to give them some credit). Must be posted by someone other than the captain (obvi...).

9/3 - Introduce your team hometown(s), city/cities, favorite league(s) and partner bar(s). Is your team coming from all over? That's fine! You can tell us more than one or just pick your outright favs and make one combined post for your awesome team. Be sure to tag your favorite bars and leagues on their respective instagrams/facebook. Share the love.

9/10 - Unidentified Kickball Injuries - Ever leave the kickball fields or maybe even the bar and discover a bump, bruise or cut you have no idea how you got? Or maybe you made that epic slide into home for the winning run? Tell us about your team's best/worst/funniest battle scar and maybe the story behind it (the funnier the better!) Put all your stories/pictures into one post or collage.

9/17 -  WAKApalooza history and Team Theme - How many years has your team come been coming? What is your theme? How did you come up with it? Has it evolved over the years?

9/24 -  #befunner inspiration - What makes you all want to be part of the CLUBWAKA family? How has CLUBWAKA changed your lives?

10/1 - FOMO Alert! What is your favorite pool party or night club party at WAKApalooza? Help the rookies not miss your team's favorite moments (We know it's hard to pick just one). Tag your favorite pool or club in your posts! Tell them you love them!

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