21 Things We Love About Ski Trips

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 - 12:10

21 Things We Love About Ski Trips

We're gearing up for CLUBWAKA’s ski vacations in 2017, so we took the opportunity to talk to some of our members and friends about their favorite things about ski trips and what they’re looking forward to most. 

From the breathtaking views, to the joys of walking through fresh powder, here are 21 things that we love about ski vacations:

  1. The moment you take your boots off
  2. Getting in the hot tub after skiing 
  3. Handwarmers! 
  4. The first beer apres-ski (goes without saying) 
  5. Falling back in powder 
  6. Finding animal tracks in the snow and trying to figure out what they are 
  7. The view from the top when you step off the chairlift 
  8. Hot cocoa (spiked)
  9. Goggle tans 
  10. Ski towns with cozy pubs, cute lodges, and snow covered streets
  11. Surprise snowball fights
  12. Meeting people on the chairlift 
  13. Going fast (There’s nothing like that blast of cold air in your face and wind in your hair).
  14. Snow shoeing in the early morning
  15. Watching the sunrise in the mountains
  16. The feeling of trying to run in ski boots 
  17. Warming up by the fire
  18. Ice skating 
  19. Waking up to fresh snow
  20. The ski town nightlife 
  21. Impromptu ski races 

We're heading to Tahoe, Jay Peak, and Mammoth for ski trips in 2017!  Register now and join us

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