3 Games to Try Right Now with your New WAKA Team

Wednesday, January 7, 2015 - 18:30

3 Games to Try Right Now with your New WAKA Team

Whether it’s your first time captaining a team, a pre-season happy hour, or a Wednesday WAKA night, try one of these games to get to know your teammates better.

1. For your first team happy hour or game, write the names of popular celebrities, local heros, or professional athletes on stickers or masking tape. Put one sticker on each team member's back and have them ask the rest of the team yes or no questions to figure out who the person is. This game is a great for mingling at a bar and for striking up conversation with your WAKA crush.

2. Write 3-5 personal questions on a card and offer a prize (like a free pitcher) for whoever fills out all the answers first. For example, who on the team went to college the furthest away? Who has been playing kickball and social sports WAKA the longest? Who is an only child or dual citizen? Think of fun or interesting facts you may want to learn about your new teammates to help you create your questions.

3. Print cards with the words "New Year Confessions" on the top and have everyone write one secret dream or goal they have for 2015 when they arrive to the event. Kick off the night by reading the funniest or craziest ones out loud so everyone can have a laugh and learn what is important to each other.

If "be more active" or "meet new people" are on your list of New Year's resolutions, these WAKA team games can get you started. Join a WAKA Kickball & Social Sports team here!

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