4 Ways CLUBWAKA Can Boost Your Social Life

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - 14:58

4 Ways CLUBWAKA Can Boost Your Social Life

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, and some fun people to do it with, we've you covered!

CLUBWAKA is full of amazing, inspiring, and hilarious folks that have lots of different interests and are looking to have a good time. Think of it as a "fun person" filter that can help you meet more people like you, who like to do the things you do, in a really short time. 

The easiest to get involved and to fill your calendar is to sign up and start playing. You'll meet people right away, and the league nights are set up to make it easy for you to talk to lots of people. Here are 4 ways social sports can improve your social life:

1. CLUBWAKA is a group-oriented social club which gives you a chance to hang out with your team of ten to twenty people, as well as the hundreds of people in the league. Its a one stop shop for finding things to do with the friends you have, and for finding new ones.

2. CLUBWAKA offers weekly social club activities and parties, monthly events, and regional tournaments to help you focus more on getting away from your computer screen and creating memories with the people you’re with.

3. CLUBWAKA has partnerships with tons of local bars, charity organizations, and community groups so you can find the best options for events and social outings in your area.

4. CLUBWAKA players are fun. Just showing up to games and parties opens you up to a world of awesome people who like to go to concerts, dinner parties, tailgates, and more.

Want to get involved? Join CLUBWAKA here!