4 ways WAKA offers Leadership Roles for Recent Grads

Tuesday, June 9, 2015 - 14:52

4 ways WAKA offers Leadership Roles for Recent Grads

It can be difficult to find leadership roles after college to propel your career forward –especially if you move to a new city for a job. Members of WAKA Kickball & Social Sports have lots of opportunities to learn and lead and to build networks of professional contacts in a variety of industries - an experience not easily replicated after graduation.
Learn how WAKA Kickball & Social Sports members are getting involved with leagues and events in their communities and are poised to be successful in the workforce after completing college.
Volunteer to help with the league’s social media or email newsletters and develop your communication skills.
These days, digital media skills and the ability to write effective emails are applicable to almost any career. Many WAKA leagues are looking for volunteers to help with projects and to share all the fun happening in the league online. You can develop your communication skills by being part of the league’s social media or email team – or better yet, apply to work as a Community Coordinator and get paid to share WAKA Kickball & Social Sports.
Volunteer as a Referee and grow your network.

When you volunteer as a referee, you are a leader on the field. Referees become familiar with the game play, rules, structure, and become familiar with team captains, players, community coordinators, and other referees. Building relationships with these people can help create valuable personal and professional contacts - and you’ll get lots of #Reflove perks like “thank you” drinks after the game at the league bar!
Volunteer to help plan league parties and events and hone your problem-solving skills.

WAKA relies on volunteers to help make parties and events extra awesome. Volunteer to help with the events and hone your multitasking abilities that future job and life responsibilities demand. You may also discover skills you never knew you had – like making perfect nametags and building balloon arches.
Captain a team and gain management skills.

Team captains must coordinate communication between the team and the community coordinator, referee, and other teams, as well as create a line up and game strategy, build consensus with the team, and perform other captain duties as necessary. Practicing these skills at WAKA Kickball & Social Sports can teach you how to use your personal talents for the overall advantage of your group.
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