5 Reasons Why You Want a Kickballer on Your Team During a Zombie Apocalypse

Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 14:14

5 Reasons Why You Want a Kickballer on Your Team During a Zombie Apocalypse

Everyone knows that a zombie apocalypse is inevitable, we don’t know when it’s coming or how hard it will hit us but what we do know is that we need to start preparing for it now. Luckily, we’re kickballers and we have a few tricks up our sleeves. Here are 5 reasons why other non-kickballers will want you on their team.

1.) Kickballers are FUN! We could probably just end this here. Do you need any other reason to have a kickballer on your team? Why not have a team member that’s willing to post up in a deserted pub and knock back a few before the zombies trap the perimeter?  I mean, with this reason alone we may convince the enemy to spare our lives and live out the rest of our days in zombie/human peaceful world. But if you need more reasons to convince you that kickballers will be the most critical member of your team, read on….

2.) We can run at lightening speed! Need someone to distract the zombies while you’re
breaking into a hospital to gather supplies for the wounded or busting the window of the
abandoned bar to get some flip cup essentials to pass the time? Well, look no further! Kickballers can outrun the best of them and even slide it out for a dramatic finish!

3.) We don’t need water. Save the H20 for the wounded and the children, kickballers never have a lack of means to stay hydrated. 

4.) It’s extremely difficult to gross us out. We’ve been put in some less-than-ideal situations where we’ve been left to clean up some dirty messes, which we hear can come in handy should we ever need to clean up zombie guts/brains or anything else of the sort.

5.) Lastly but certainly not least, we know how to kick! Sure it may take a while to knock down a zombie by a simple kick but rest assured that kickballers are trained to kick butt!

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