5 Things You Need to Know about WAKApalooza Weekend 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 22:58

5 Things You Need to Know about WAKApalooza Weekend 2013

WAKApalooza Weekend
, the biggest kickball party event of the year, is back in Las Vegas from October 10th-13th. Thousands of players from all over WAKA Nation will join the fun in the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship or the WAKApalooza Fun Games - and we want you to be there too!

There are new elements to the event weekend every year so be sure to check back for updates as we get closer to the big event.

Get Your Party On:

Las Vegas venues + WAKA player = EPIC parties. WAKA offers parties throughout WAKApalooza Weekend at the pool, hot spots and clubs on the strip, and late night after parties if you still haven't gotten enough come midnight.

Costumes Encouraged:

Think of WAKApalooza Weekend as anything and everything goes. It's fantasy time. Break out those team leotards, neon cut offs, club outfits, crazy boots, and trucker hats!

Come ready to mingle:

One of the best side effects of having more than 2,000 WAKA players in one place means that there are many tons of opportunities to meet new friends! Allow yourself time to mix and mingle at the pool and parties.  If you're staying at the Flamingo hotel, it’s hard to go through the lobby without running into a WAKA t-shirt, so share the elevator and get social!

Book your stay at the host hotel early:

If you are planning to stay at The Flamingo, WAKA’s host hotel for the weekend, book your stay early! Last year, we sold out of our discounted room block well before the event. Don’t miss out on the savings and opportunity to stay at the WAKA club house. Book now!

Try one of WAKA’s new Founders Cup Regional Tournaments:

Offered in Los Angeles in May, and Washington DC in June, the Founders Cup Regional Tournaments are a great preview to WAKApalooza Weekend. All WAKA players are welcome to make or join a team for a weekend of fun this spring! Both tournaments have pre- parties, after-parties, cash prizes, and the winners qualify for a spot in the World Kickball Championship!

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