5 Ways to give your office a #FunnerSummer Makeover

Monday, July 10, 2017 - 13:54

5 Ways to give your office a #FunnerSummer Makeover

Summer fun doesn’t have to be reserved for the weekends. Even if you’re spending most sunny days cooped up in an office, you can still have a funner summer than ever before, you just have to make the time and get a little creative! Here are 5 ways to revamp your office for a funner summer:

1. Set up a “Sundae Monday” bar on Monday afternoons

Not an ice cream person? Bring popsicles into the office and you’ll become everyone’s favorite coworker! 

2. Decorate your office with summer flair

Hang garland up, add plants or greenery to your desk space, pin up postcards or pictures of your favorite vacation spots, or make these DIY #FunnerSummer magnets. 

These DIY magnets are an awesome way to remember your favorite summer moments while you work… all you need is glue, favorite photos, cardboard, and magnets. Simply trim your photos, measure and cut the board to fit, glue the photo, cardboard, and one magnet together, then wait for it to dry! You can get really creative with this — add personal touches with glitter, ticket stubs,  social sports team memorabilia, or anything else that reminds you of summer!

3. Schedule time outside 

Whether it’s eating your lunch under the shade of a tree, scheduling a meeting outside, or going on a field trip for iced coffee with a coworker, spend time in the summer sun and watch your happiness grow! 

4. Swap your typical workday background noise for your favorite summer jams

Rock out to our CLUBWAKA #FunnerSummer playlist while you’re working, or make your own!

5. Have a water balloon fight in the office parking lot 

Isn’t this on everyone’s summer bucket list?

What else are you doing to have a #funnersummer during the work week? Tag #CLUBWAKA in your photos and share your adventures! 

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