5 Ways to Meet New People This Season

Friday, July 6, 2018 - 10:08

5 Ways to Meet New People This Season

It's no secret that CLUBWAKA leagues and activities are a great way to meet fun new people. Here are 5 ways you can branch out and meet new people with a CLUBWAKA league or activity:  

1. Join a new team of free agents in the league. You'll expand your social circle with fifteen new friends instead of the same guys and gals you hang out with every season. Just email the league coordinator with your request when you register

2. Pick out the cutest single girl or guy in the league and offer to buy them a drink at the bar after the game. 

3. Talk to your league organizer and suggest a stop light theme day at the fields -  that way you can instantly tell who's available. 

4. Make friends with someone on another team, find out if any of their teammates are single, and ask them to introduce you. 

5. Go to the pre-season social or league party and volunteer to be a greeter. Or if you are more daring, find a cute new player and ask if you can help them meet some new people. 

- Cindy Honickman

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