60 Teams, 60 questions - part 3

Saturday, October 1, 2011 - 06:11

60 Teams, 60 questions - part 3

This is part 3 of a 3-part series briefly reviewing all 15 Pools of the Founders Cup field, and setting the  scene for the 2011 World Kickball



Pool K


#11 Los Brew Crew (CA Crown)

This Pasadena powerhouse makes its second Founders Cup appearance riding a positively sickening streak of SIX consecutive League Championships. After a top 32 performance at FC2010 ended in a narrow loss to SF's Your Balls Are Foul, they're back and stronger than ever - their FC roster reflecting the free-agent acquisition of a few of L.A.'s best available veterans. Sleep on them at your peril! Might they just emerge as the last West Coast team standing?


#20 WAKA ME OFF (TX West Side)

Ft. Worth's first competitive kickball dynasty makes its much-anticipated Founders Cup debut having clinched their last FIVE League titles. Good news for their opposition  - their Rose Bowl MVP linebacker isn't able to play with them in Vegas. The bad news? He's not even their best player. (Yikes!) Can they keep their endless hot-streak up against a field of fellow perpetual winners?


#41 Box Crushers (GA Thunder)

Representing one of Atlanta's oldest WAKA Leagues, these veterans arrive for their FC debut having recently bested longtime rivals for their first League championship. Pool-mates accustomed to dominating locally are advised not to doubt the mettle of teams who have never stopped grinding for that elusive title. Can they turn that fighting spirit into some wins in their biggest tournament yet?


#50 Flip Flip Flipadelphia (CA Shorebreak)

In a apparent armada of quality Huntington Beach franchises, the Flipadelphians manage to contend strongly on a consistent basis. Their resume shows two League titles, both in late 2010 - followed by a protracted effort to return to glory. Founders Cup rookies, but no strangers to a large tournament field. After so many run-ins with familiar rivals, how will they fare against a brand new group of seasoned competitors?



Pool L


#12 Your Mom (CO Mile High)

These perennial contenders from Denver made a splash in their first Founders Cup last year, as the lowest ranked team to survive pool play and make the top 32. After finally getting on top of their local rivals for a League Championship this Summer, Your Mom is positioned to take on all comers and make a long, deep go of it. Will Your Mom leave the opposition able to walk? 

[I apologize for the direction this blurb has taken... though in my defense, Your Mom was asking for it.]


#19 Hot Box (CA Dogtown)

From L.A.'s western reaches of Venice, these hardened vets boast an impressive resume both locally and at FC's past. This year they were a two-time Runner Up in the always hotly contested Dogtown League. At FC 2010 they escaped pool play on a Wild Card berth, and their most seasoned vets did the same in 2008 as Super Bad. Is this the year they graduate from Wild Card to front-runner?


#42 Kicktators (CA Invincible)

A young Orange County team on the rise -- 2-time champs from Buena Park who have recently taken the challenging plunge into the Surf City scrum. They also carry a handful of players from the Blue Ballerz of Long Beach, who showed great promise in last year's FC pool rounds. Have they built a roster ready for big-time success?


#49 Kickhopopotamus (MA Ivy)

Boston's sole representative make their 3rd Founders Cup appearance! Rough draws in '09 and '10 have their FC record at 0-6, but they keep locking up championships back home -- clearly they know the game, and sooner or later their experience will translate into some big Tournament wins. As the Boston team still playing in October (sorry guys), can they rally and give 'em something to celebrate back home?



Pool M


#13 Mr. Hankey's Kickball Special (NM Mesa)

One of the key teams leading the charge in a resurgent Albuquerque kickball scene, they appeared in last year's Founders Cup at Thunderballs, with the misfortune of drawing into a veritable pool of death. Rave reviews from scouts and a strong record against stiff local competition puts them in the driver's seat - can they make the most of a favorable seed and deliver a breakout performance?


#18 Westside for Life (CA Dogtown)

What can you say about a team that went 2-1 in pool play but didn't advance... TWICE? That's just what happened to WFL at FC09, and at FC08 as Tequila Jungle. No question these Venice vets are due, in a big way. They bested Hot Box for the Dogtown Summer 2010 title, the two teams described by scouts as "co-dominant" of the experienced westside scene. Is this their chance to break away from the pack?


#43 Lock It Up (DC Lightning)

These newcomers to the Founders Cup qualified as champs from one of the more social Leagues in DC... but there's enough experience on this roster to make their debut more than a little interesting.  Not only has this core of players racked up a great record in various local Leagues, some of their careers go all the way back to early celebrated WAKA franchise My Left Foot. Will their experience in WAKA's oldest market translate into some tournament W's?


#48 Ginger Balls (CA Neptune)

In a restless NorCal delegation, this Oakland outfit may be the hungriest team of all. Their 2010 FC debut found them in a pool of death where they gamely played El Guapo and Hot Box to 1-run losses. Inspired the tantalizing proximity of potential victory, they've kept busy in the year since, playing everywhere they can and honing their game for a return to the show. Will FC11 be another learning experience, or a coming-out for these eager underdogs?



Pool N


#14 Oh Danny Balls (LA Freedom)

The WAKA scene in New Orleans has been positively exploding, and their champion in this tournament is a formidable squad to be sure. While new to the FC stage, their local experience is DEEP. To be along for the whole ride of a market's growth and still be able to win a coveted League title against booming opposition is the mark of a team to be reckoned with. How far can they carry NOLA's banner in their ultimate battle?


#17 El Guapo: La Leyenda Regresa (MO Kansas City)

MO Kansas City League has been around since 2004, and these reigning 2-time champs proudly lead this year's Midwestern contingent to Founders Cup. In their first trip to the Cup last year, they made a nice run to the top 32 before running into the Situation. Reloaded and ready, can this handsome squad crack the Sweet 16?


#44 Drinks on Dave!! (CA Solstice)

This eager crew KO'ed Multiple Scoregasms in Solstice's Spring Final to earn their first championship in Santa Barbara's premier League. Then they didn't miss a beat making plans for their first Founders Cup. If their endurance matches their bravado, they could prove quite the threat on game day. Can they prove they're the hottest team out of the far-West Coast?


#47 Pitches Be Crazy!! (NV Silver)

Scouts say that Vegas' junior League is rapidly catching up in toughness to the NV Lucky senior circuit - and this core of players has recent championships in each to burnish their credentials. In their first national tournament look, will they be the team to show us how far the Vegas game has come?



Pool O


#15 Balligerants (TX Star)

At the vanguard of the Dallas delegation come this storied franchise making their first trek to Desert Breeze Park. The always-potent combination of strong arms and quick legs have brought them three straight championships in a tough, deep League. Can they deliver a Texas-sized beat-down to their opponents?


#16 Scoregasm  (FL Stingray)

These multi-season champions from Jacksonville arrive for their first Founders Cup to keep alive the NoFla torch. Last year, Cobra Kai showed us how potent the play in that market had become. Are Scoregasm ready to run that gauntlet and become the new face of J-ville?


#45 Liver Let Die (CA Orange Crush)

From Orange County's inland market of Irvine, a WAKA scene getting stronger each season, comes a team staying just ahead of the pace - a Runner Up run this Winter followed by a League championship in Spring. A taste of championship action could push them to the next level - in their FC debut, could they be a sleeper in the SoCal pack?


#46 Killernutz (CA Golden Gate)

Golden Gate is WAKA's oldest League outside of DC, and this squad has been a perpetual finalist and frequent champ there several years running. They last appeared at Founders Cup in 2008 going 1-2 in pool play. Can a more seasoned edition of their roster garner some payback and make a run to do the Bay area proud?



Good luck to all 60 teams! WAKA loves you!!


-- OW!


Orion Walker (@theorionwalker) is the WAKA Founders Cup World Kickball Championship Scorekeeper & lead Breakfastologist, and something like the Managing Secretary of the Selection & Ranking Committee. Be sure to follow @FoundersCup for his live tournament commentary and complete game results!