60 Teams, 60 questions - part 2

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 - 18:29

60 Teams, 60 questions - part 2

This is part 2 of a 3-part series briefly reviewing all 15 Pools of the Founders Cup field, and setting the scene for the 2011 World Kickball Championship.

Pool F

#6 The Situation (VA Southside)
A top-shelf seed for a League Runner Up? Absolutely, when your League is the elite VA Southside and your local rivals are Panik Attack. Several of their players served on the Frosty Balls, who brought the Virginia Beach market its first Founders Cup championship in 2008. After a quarterfinal appearance in '09 and a Sweet 16 last year, their current incarnation is hardened, stacked with vets, and nationally renowned. Can they break through and prove themselves second to none?

#25 Ballz En Fuego (CA Big Surf)
San Diego's been a reliable source of Founders Cup underdogs, but this crew represents a new and hungry breed. In their FC2010 debut, they fought well in a tough pool and missed a Wild Card slot by 2 runs. Since then they've only honed their game, absorbing ambitious local veterans and relishing their next shot at the show. Can they make a run to match their competitive spirit?

#36 We'll Spot You 10 (TX Storm)
Don't be fooled by the Runner Up status - they lost a Final on RPS in Spring and came back in Summer to win it all. The Ft. Worth scene is untested at Founders Cup, but scouts say they have the speed and defensive know-how to put up a good fight. Can they contribute to this year's potential emergence of Texas as a kickball power?

#55 Pitches with Attitude (CA Tinseltown)
In its infancy, Tinseltown was a haven for carpetbagging veteran teams looking for a roundabout way to qualify for FC. Now they've developed their own homegrown champion - a mid-range seed who clicked at the right time and swept the League Tournament. Can they recapture that magic and streak through to the elimination round?

Pool G

#7 Flying V (GA Varsity)
An unprecedentedly strong rank for a Founders Cup rookie! The V arrived on the WAKA scene already credentialed as a state champion with ample experience in large tournaments, and backed up their reputation with a dominant performance in Atlanta's flagship GA Varsity League. But there's only one Founders Cup - how will this rising power fare in their introduction to the biggest stage of all?

#24 The Tyrannical Teabaggers (TX Capital)
An ambitious outfit from Austin, who persisted and improved for two years before finally besting Relax and Let it Happen for the Fall 2010 TX Capital League championship. Since then, they were a Runner Up in Winter and a Semifinalist in Summer, as the level of play in Austin continues hitting new heights. Can they rock their "A" game and make a splash in their FC debut?

#37 BLUEPRINT! (FL Coastal)
Miami's FL Coastal League has been emerging as a new competitive hotspot, and these vets have racked up 3 League titles there in the past year. A last-minute drop-out in 2010 makes this their long-awaited maiden voyage to the national tournament scene. Can they show up on game day ready to uphold SoFla's reputation as a market deep with elite-level teams?

#54 Drinkers with a Kicking Problem (CA Neptune)
The East Bay market is young and hungry, and this band from Oakland may be at the vanguard after shutting out the opposition in Neptune's League Tournament this Spring - including FC vets Ginger Balls. Can they keep their hot streak alive in their first taste of massive tournament play?

Pool H

#8 Pitch, Please!!! (CA Hollywood)
Known nationally for their signature upset of SoFla's Riff Raff to make the Sweet 16 at FC2010, PP arrive at this, their 3rd Founders Cup appearance, at the front of the SoCal delegation. 2 more Championships out of the venerable CA Hollywood League only enhance their resume. No doubt they know how to bring it on the big day -- can they own the torchbearer role and give L.A. their best finish yet?

#23 Legotronix (VT Sunshine)
In the highly anticipated debut for the Vermont WAKA scene, these Burlington badasses arrive with scouts raving about their level of play. Can they live up to the hype and become the latest dangerous team to emerge from the mysterious Northeast?

#38 Sir Kix A Lot (AZ Fire)
Often seen atop the standings of Phoenix's premier competitive League, this highly skilled side has two appearances in the League Championship this past year - getting the best of their rivals Straight to the Bank last Summer, and finishing as Runner Up to the same this Spring. This marks their first taste of national tournament action - can they make a name for themselves as an elite representative of the Southwest?

#53 Wakaholics (CA West Beach)
As if hailing from beautiful Santa Barbara wasn't enough, this team plays in WAKA's first League to be played on beach sand. A laid-back bunch of West Coast softies, then? Not so fast - they regularly make respectable showings in SB's more competitive Leagues, and a few free-agent FC vets add seasoning to their roster. Might they prove to be a legit sleeper in this tournament?

Pool I

#9 Straight to the Bank (AZ Fire)
Making their 4th Founders Cup appearance, and reigning as champs of Arizona's toughest League, SttB lead the pack of a vibrant and hungry Southwest contingent. After battling though rough draws to reach the Sweet 16 at FC09 and a Wild Card berth at FC10, they hope to parlay a well-earned high seed into a long tournament run. Can they break out and make Phoenix the story in 2011?

#22 Multiple Scoregasms (CA Solstice)
By far the most experienced of Santa Barbara's representatives, with a roster core now making their 3rd FC appearance. Last year they survived pool play for the first time, and look to improve on that top 32 mark this year with a deep run. Competition back home has been surging, challenging the dominance they maintained in 2010 -- can these vets return to form and solidify their place among SoCal's elite?

#39 Dandy Lions (CA Star)
From North Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley, the CA Star League plays little brother to the revered CA Studio scene. But with Studio's contenders sidelined with holiday observances, the torch of Valley kickball falls to these journeymen making their 2nd FC appearance. Last year they made the most of a basement seed and kept tough games close, including a 1-run loss to Multiple Scoregasms. Can they get the best of that rematch and escape pool play?

#52 Swift Kickin the Balls (TX Tornado)
From Plano, one of the newer WAKA markets in the Dallas Metroplex, this team has held up as a consistent contender, with 2 League Championships in the past year. Eager to test themselves against more developed competition, can they make a mark in this vast new field?

Pool J

#10 NDW - No Dead Weight (ME Superhero)
From Portland, Maine - the Northeast of the Northeast - comes the return of the artists formerly known as All Stars Only, last seen in Founders Cup 2009's Sweet 16. Their surprisingly competitive home League has only gotten tougher, and so have they. Can these Superheroes make their return to the national scene a triumphant one?

#21 Recess Allstars (AZ Victory)
From Glendale in Metro Phoenix, a hot team from one of the region's top Leagues. Since taking on an infusion of veteran presence in 2010, they've vaulted to the upper echelon of AZ teams, currently riding a streak of League Championships (2 and counting). In their Founders Cup debut, could they be the Southwesterners to watch?

#40 Bender Rehab (IL Millennium)
Chicago returns to the Founders Cup for the first time since the Rusty's Wranglers era! This may be the Windy City's most ambitious and competitive squad ever - eager to travel, compete, and match kicks with the best. As champs of their last two League Tournaments, are they the Midwest's kickball champions of the future?

#51 S.C.U.M.B.A.G.S. 3.0 (CA Solar)
Representing Silicon Valley, the S.C.U.M.B.A.G.S. franchise has become the scourge of Sunnyvale with a growing string of League Championships. As their first FC appearance draws near, scouts say the whole Bay Area delegation is engaging in scrimmages to sharpen up for the Cup. Will they be ready to show the world what South Bay kickball is made of?


To be concluded...


-- OW!


Orion Walker (@theorionwalker) is the WAKA Founders Cup World Kickball Championship Scorekeeper & lead Mixtapeologist, and something like the Managing Secretary of the Selection & Ranking Committee. Be sure to follow @FoundersCup for his live tournament commentary and complete game results!