7 Unique & Fun Father’s Day Ideas

Saturday, June 17, 2017 - 11:54

7 Unique & Fun Father’s Day Ideas

To celebrate Father’s Day, we’re sharing ideas to help you make it funner and more memorable than ever. Whether you’re a dad yourself or just happen to know one, here are seven fun ways to celebrate this weekend. 

1. Host a DIY cocktail or beer tasting  -  Gather up a selection of dad’s favorite beers (ex. all your local IPAs) and enjoy a sunset on the porch while you sample them to discover a new personal favorite. If your dad is a more of a liquor guy, enjoy a taste testing of bourbons, scotches, and ryes or learn how to make custom, Dad-approved cocktails using each.

2. Grill something different or interesting  - This is best done as a “grab bag” surprise from your favorite meat counter. Simply go to the butcher shop and ask for a “chef’s choice” cut or whatever is fresh and recommended, then, learn the best way to grill it. It’s like a mini backyard culinary adventure. Or…you could try: 

3. Host a “wing-off” or Dad’s favorite cook off challenge - Everyone makes their signature wing recipe (invite friends), and Dad gets to be the judge to pick the best ones. 

4. Invite Dad to attend a local sporting event, outdoor concert, or movie - Something new to both of you is best! 

5. Take an outdoor skills class together - Try fly fishing, scuba diving, or woodworking and discover a new outdoors passion. 

6. Join a social sports team or train for a 5k together. It's a weekly excuse to bond with your favorite dad. 

7. Plan an adventure together - Call that special man on Father’s Day and put an adventure together on the calendar. 

Sharing fun activities like these are what our deepest memories are made of - get out this weekend and enjoy your time with Dad!

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